Who’s the boss

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Instagram: @prbossbabe
Home: Los Angeles, California
Work: Business owner of a digital marketing agency lauragimbert.com, mombosslife.co
Kiddos: Sofia Skylar, 2 years old and baby boy due this year!
From: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan
Style: Simple, comfortable and elegant
Go-to snack: Plant-based protein shake packed with nutrients, superfoods and antioxidants
Cook or takeout: Healthy takeout
Favorite form of exercise: Lifting weights and Pilates
Professional shopper: Basics at Zara or H&M and fun dresses at Revolve



On skin care: I love to take care of my skin above anything, keeping it clear and glow- ing with my morning and night routines—so I can barely use any makeup. A few years back I decided to stop wearing foundation and start working on bettering my skin and not have to hide it.


On baby buys: Honest has great clean products for bath and skin, and I also love Lil’ Lemons and Zara Kids for cute and comfy outfits!


On indulgence: Self-care pampering actions like a massage or facial renew and recharge me—much needed when you are always putting others first.



On career: I’ve had my business for eight years, well before becoming a mom. When I became pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to give up on the business that I worked hard to create. And I knew that keeping up with my business life would help me maintain my identity and keep my brain excited and fueled, which would help me be a better mom. I also knew that I wanted to be there for my daughter—I wanted to be the one raising her. Everyone around me told me it was impossible to keep up with both. So, Mom Boss Life was my way of showing how I kept up with mom-life balance; how I learned to delegate more work to be able to be with my daughter (instead of paying for a day care or nanny), and how that did not stop my business from growing. I wanted to show other moms how—if you want to do both—with tons of planning, organizing and more delegating, it is possible.


On self-care: It does not only mean booking a massage. It can be as simple as going for a walk while listening to music, which can be easily done with our babies in the stroller—or even a 10-minute home facial, which can also be easily done at the end of the day. Or by replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones!



On motherhood: The biggest surprise was how Sofia brought more balance to my life than I ever had before. Before becoming a mom, I was working nonstop. I did everything in my business to the tiniest details like errands and research. My days were fully packed with work and a workout break. As soon as I had Sofia, I knew I had to include many other things into my day to be able to be with her: from self-care actions to outdoor activities and social outings. I started to delegate more work and added a perfect balance of activities into my routine.

On you-do-you: Trust your gut and instinct. We won’t all think one way, we won’t all do things one way, and that’s OK. What works for you does not necessarily work for me and vice versa. It’s all about getting ideas and inspirations from others, but at the end of the day doing what works best for you and your family. And listening to your baby’s patterns and needs—they know best, too!


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