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Mug shots

Hormonal changes are a bummer, especially when they’re all up on your face for the world to see. Luckily, these pregnancy-safe washes will help calm your skin to reveal that coveted maternal glow.

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Belli cleanser

“It sounds insane, but incorporating this into my routine has made me a morning person.”

“The light exfoliation is just right.”

“My skin is less irritated, and my mind is at ease knowing it’s OB/ GYN-approved.”

Belli cleanser, $22

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Gaffer&Child cleanser

“The lavender scent and natural formula give my skin care regimen a spa vibe.”

“I have zero ingredient-guilt using this organic wash—and the company works with PETA, so this animal- lover is sold.”

“It’s ultra-light, which is great for both day and night.”

Gaffer&Child cleanser, $28

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Aim HI Every Day scrub

“I feel like a socially responsible VIP scrubbing with this handmade, small-batch wash served up in a pretty glass container.”

“The fragrance is hardly noticeable, which I appreciate.”

“My skin immediately looks refreshed with every use.”

Aim HI Every Day scrub, $35

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