Mug shots

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“It’s just strong enough to feel like it’s working without totally stripping the face.”
“My skin felt so soft and renewed post-rinse.”
“It makes removing buildup from my hairline easier.”

Origins face and eye sponges, $14 for set

“I use this after a long day with heavy makeup.”
“Works best in the shower when the steam softens my skin for a good scrub.”
“Exfoliation is my jam and this pore-cleansing mitt delivers.”

Earth Therapeutics loofah mitt, $7

“The brilliance of this is that it works with just water and you don’t need a cleanser. It’s strange at first, but I’m digging it.”
“I’ve personally witnessed its power to remove mascara.”
“Reusable microfibers are proving great for my skin, wallet and footprint.”

croon microfiber sponges, $26 for two

Images: Courtesy of featured brands