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King’s bounty1

For the music man who still makes you want to dance in the kitchen.
Symbol Audio tabletop hi-fi console, $1,995

King’s bounty2

For the gent who gracefully handles the 2 a.m. wakeup call.
Baby Brezza Safe + Smart bottle warmer, $70

King’s bounty3

For the father who’s not afraid to take baby out on the town solo.
Lassig Tender Toby diaper bag, $130

King’s bounty4

For the good sport who could use a night out on the town.
Built insulated growler tote, $18

King’s bounty5

For the fella who is happy to carry the heavy weight.
Chicco UltraSoft infant carrier, $50

King’s bounty6

For the guy who always stands up for the girls.
Out of Print Clothing T-shirt, $28

King’s bounty7

For the hubs who is killing it a hundred different ways every single day.
Emily McDowell Studio spousal achievement notepad, $8

King’s bounty9

For the dad who has cheerfully taken over dinner duty.
Fred & Friends pizza cutter, $15

King’s bounty10

For the pop who can’t wait to introduce his newbie to the whole wide world.
Uncle Goose planet blocks, $20 for set

Fashion & Beauty

King’s bounty

An assortment of goodies fit for the man who made you a mama.