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Instagram: @jordana_woodland
Globetrotter: Born in the Philippines—currently splitting time between Los Angeles and Whitefish, Montana.
Boss lady: Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Le Marché by NP
Full house: Four kiddos under the age of 10
Early to rise: 5:00 a.m.
Sequins or sweats: Sweats
Tuned into: “Big Little Lies” and “The Office”
Plugged into: “TED Talks Daily”

Her inspiration:
Any woman that owns her own personal style. Confidence and a genuine smile are the best things any woman can wear.

Her fashion sense: It depends on the occasion! My day-to-day is all about comfort and versatility. I love athleisure because I’m able to feel stylish and put together while being 100 percent comfortable. If I’m going out to dinner or to an event, I love a nice fitted dress and a beautiful pair of heels.

Her staples: A good pair of jeans, a go-to dress that you can throw on and instantly feel sexy, and matching lingerie. Even on the days when you haven’t washed your hair or the sweatpants you’ve worn for three days straight, putting on a matching bra and panty makes you feel like you have something pulled together!

Her philosophy: As a young girl, I was fascinated with the art of dressing and ritual of boudoir, a daily practice of experiential beauty. I remember watching my mom get ready at the little station in her bedroom, almost like she was on a movie set. It was her uninterrupted time to herself, separate from her time with her family. I love that she always took that time and wasn’t ever ashamed of it.

In 2011, we launched our lifestyle brand with a mission of encouraging the busiest of women to take time for themselves and erase any undeserved guilt surrounding self-care. It really hit me hard when I started balancing running a business with raising four kids—I started feeling that guilt about taking any time out for myself. Because I believe that time is so important, I wanted to create products that help women feel confident and beautiful but without any of the fuss. That’s why we design and curate all of our women’s and children’s clothing, beauty and body products, and home goods with the purpose of inspiring a life well-loved.

Her advice: The most important tip: Release any guilt you may have about making time for yourself. If you don’t release the guilt first and foremost, you won’t be able to enjoy these moments. Having a moment for yourself is not being selfish. Your child needs you to take that time so you can be the best version of yourself. Having a long bubble bath and taking your time applying lotion afterward is an amazing way to reconnect with your body and take a moment to breathe.

Her must-haves: I’m a firm believer in essential oils. I always have some sort of oil in my bag at all times. Whether it’s Thieves oil for when either myself or my kids are starting to feel run down, or lavender for relaxation when things are feeling chaotic. I have a diffuser at home and in my office. The comforting scents truly give me a sense of peace. I also believe that Boogie Wipes are maybe the greatest invention of our time!

Le Marché by NP it list:

Investing in foundation pieces really does serve you well—a matching bra and panty inspire confidence!

Tessa bralette, $62; bikini, $28

I never leave the house without my Naked Shine Lip Gloss.

Barely Coral gloss, $26

I practically live in our pants!

Ava joggers, $78