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Complex(ion) situation

Skin-enhancing serums to jump into face first.

Complex(ion) situation1

“Applying a solid stick took a sec to get used to, but now I’m very into not wasting product.”

“The claims of brightening and hydrating are totally founded.”

“This makes my face so fresh and dewy—and I’m in love with the even glow it gives.”

Milk Makeup, $36

Complex(ion) situation2

“A tiny dab goes a long way, even for my tired eyes!”

“It’s not an exaggeration that I’ve noticed fewer fine lines.”

“Concealer-friendly without the creasing, clumping or pilling.”

Indie Lee, $48

Complex(ion) situation3

“You had me at ‘Youth Recovery Facial Serum.’”

“It’s the gulp of pure moisture my post-winter skin desperately needs.”

“This dries quickly, so I can add a layer of moisturizer and get out the door.”

Live Ultimate, $65