A clean routine

If your makeup brushes are anything like ours, they're probably overdue for a cleansing. Here's how to have them looking and feeling as good as new.

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, founder of Lazy Perfection Makeup Brushes, offers her expert advice on caring for your tools of the trade.

Wash up
Think of your makeup brushes like you do your own hair. To clean them, use a product that will remove oil and dirt without stripping or drying and that will leave them lightly conditioned. For a DIY cleanser, try mixing Woolite with warm water.

Hang out
Lay wet brush heads over the edge of your counter, so air can circulate 360 degrees around them. Laying them flat will cause the hairs to dry misshapen, which will make it hard to apply your makeup accurately. If you stand them up while they’re wet, water will drain down into the handle and cause the bristles to come loose.

Towel off
As long as you don’t have open blemishes or extremely oily skin, lightly sweeping your brushes back and forth on an old towel between uses will remove surface oils and pigment, extending the amount of time you can go between washes. (It’s not as effective to do this on a tissue because it’s the texture of the towel that really grabs the debris.)


Image: Alexander Savchuk / Veer

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