2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Dads

By Published On: December 6th, 2022

For dads who may be into more than golf, beer, or grilling.

Whenever I find myself wandering into the men’s gift section of a store during the holidays, I feel pretty uninspired by the products on display. As much as my husband, brothers-in-law, father, and father-in-law all enjoy their fair share of the standard gift suggestions for men, none of them needs a brand-new set of power tools every year—and a guy only needs so many graphic T-shirts at his disposal.

So, what are we left to buy the dads in our lives for the holidays? Here are 15 fun gift ideas to consider, whether you’re shopping for a guy who’s new to the role, a veteran dad, or your own old man who has been an empty nester for years.

Digital Marvel Comic Books

Even though it seems like there’s a new Marvel movie or TV show dropping every month, some guys still can’t get enough of The Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, or Iron Man (personally, I’m all about Thor and Loki). With an annual Marvel Unlimited Subscription, dads can read comic books featuring their favorite characters on their devices wherever they go. You’ll never outgrow your love of superheroes. $69

Noise-Canceling Earbuds

On more than one occasion, I’ve really felt like I channeled my inner Grinch with all of the “noise, noise, noise!” in my home thanks to my young (loud!) kids. Dads are not immune to this sensory overload, which is why a set of rechargeable Bose Quietcomfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds makes for one of the best gifts. Not only are they good for drowning out the sounds of kids yelling, but they’re also nice for exercising, working in or around the house, or just listening to a podcast while sitting on the sofa with a child who is watching another episode of Cocomelon. $200

Soft, Plush Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love having a warm, cozy throw blanket at home? Dads deserve a little luxury as much as the next person, especially in the cold winter months. We really like the Bliss Plush Throw from Nordstrom, which is super soft, washer- and dryer-safe, and available in several neutral colors. Plus, you can’t beat the price. $29

Coffee Subscription

It’s basically a rite of passage that as soon as you become a parent, you also develop a need for copious amounts of caffeine to get through any given day. A coffee subscription is a perfect gift for Dad because it ensures he always has some in stock, and it’s delivered directly to his door. There are a lot of options to choose from, but 100% of profits from an Awesome Coffee Club subscription get donated to charity—so Dad stays alert and you get to put a little extra good into the world. Win-win. $22

Fleece Slippers

Whether he puts them on to shuffle down the hall for a midnight diaper change, wears them to loaf around the house on the weekends, or, if he’s anything like my dad, throws them on to water his plants in the morning, every dad needs a comfy pair of slippers. L.L.Bean’s Sweater Fleece Scuffs are a great option because they’re simple, stylish, and cozy. $45

Cloud Gaming System

For the dad who enjoys video games, consider gifting him an Xbox Wireless Controller and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so he can stream his favorite Xbox games on his phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer without having to invest in an expensive console system. With the Game Pass membership, he will have access to hundreds of games, including same-day access to new Xbox Game Studio titles. New dads can escape into a game when they get some alone time, veteran dads can log in and play while they wait outside their kid’s ballet lesson, and grandpas can finally figure out what the heck “Fortnite” and “Minecraft” are. $50 (controller); $15 (monthly game pass)

Ted Lasso Memorabilia

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that if joy were a TV show, it would be Ted Lasso. The football-turned-soccer coach has managed to capture all of our hearts, and dads can rep the Greyhounds thanks to the WB’s Ted Lasso shop. It’s filled with all kinds of fun A.F.C. Richmond gear as well as products with show references, like this “Believe” Phone Case. And, if there is ever a time to believe, it’s during the winter holiday season, right? $35

Relaxing Bath and Shower Sets

I don’t know who came up with the idea that men aren’t interested in luxury bath products, but that person was wrong. A nice-smelling soap or scrub is just as relaxing for the most masculine man as it is for anyone else. Give Dad a little indulgence this year with something like the Refresh Gift Set from Lush, which includes a face and body scrub, shower gel, and a bar of soap made with ingredients like eucalyptus and spearmint. And, if he enjoys a good soak now and then, throw in a bath bomb for something extra. $34

Quality, Stylish Socks

If the dad in your life is anything like my husband, he somehow manages to wear through his socks at a ridiculous rate. So last year, I decided to try something new and splurge a little on a Bombas Socks Gift Set—and they are still going strong a year later. There are all kinds of set options, like wool socks, ankle socks, running socks, and even a set of Disney Princess-inspired socks (seeing her dad in these would absolutely thrill my 6-year-old daughter). They are a bit pricier than the standard, big box store socks, but once you try them you’ll understand why: The quality is unmatched. $78

Classic Oxford Shirt

Instead of adding to his collection of T-shirts featuring puns or Star Wars drones, gift him with a shirt he can dress up or down and is safe for tossing into the washer and dryer after being touched by dirty little hands or getting covered in spit-up. There are options across various budgets, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more, check out the many pattern options available on the Stretch Everyday Shirt from Bonobos. My husband has a few of these classic oxfords, and I’m always amazed by how well they wash and how nicely they fit. $89

Glass Decanter

I’d argue that a nice decanter is just outside the category of general men’s gifts. It’s a great gift for dads who appreciate red wine or a fancy scotch or bourbon. Not to mention, if you set out one of these West Elm Glass Decanters with a Wood Stopper onto a bar cart with some pretty tumblers, it will definitely add a little sophisticated style to a room’s decor—just be sure to keep it out of the kids’ reach. From $35

Folding Chair

Any dad or grandpa who spends time watching kids’ soccer games or enjoys taking the family to parades will need a good folding chair. There is no shortage of options available for these types of seats, but we really like REI’s Co-Op Camp X Chair because it’s designed for even weight distribution (and comfort), it’s made with quick-drying fabric, it features cup holders and storage, and its frame is heavy-duty and durable. $50

Framed Photo

A photo might not seem like the most unique gift recommendation, but instead of suggesting you go through the effort of printing the photo, finding a frame, and putting everything together on your own, we vote you outsource it all with Mpix Framed Prints. There are plenty of places where you can have photos printed, but Mpix prints are always very high quality (they aren’t super glossy or flimsy) and you have the option to have them frame a special shot for you, so it’s assembled and ready to be gifted upon delivery. Choose from several size options, 28 different frame styles, glass types, and more. Plus, if you add gift wrapping to your order, you won’t have to do a single thing other than adding the framed print to your cart and watching Dad’s face as he unwraps the sentimental gift. From $26

Kindle Paperwhite

For the dad who loves a good book, you can’t go wrong with a classic Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. This e-reader has a 6.8-inch display screen, adjustable brightness for day-to-night reading without straining the eyes, is water-resistant (for accidental immersion), and has a battery life of up to 10 weeks. If you want to go the extra mile with this gift, add in a Kindle Unlimited membership for endless free reading. From $140

Game Night Set

To spare him from another round of “Candyland” or “Trouble”, get Dad the gift of an adult game night. If he dreams of a child-free trip to Vegas, we suggest this Talking Tables Casino Night Game Set, but if he’s not a gambling enthusiast that’s OK because there is no shortage of fun game night sets available from different retailers. Whatever game(s) you choose, just remember to sweeten the gift by offering to play with him. $75

Remember, there is nothing wrong with giving Dad a new set of BBQ utensils, some hot sauce, or a gift card to a sporting goods store—these are classic gifts for a reason, folks! But, if you’re feeling a bit stuck and want to get him something a little different this year, then any one of these gifts is sure to put a smile on his face.

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