Fall’s Biggest Haircut Trends for Moms

By Published On: November 9th, 2022

Bring this script to your hairstylist for ideas that are easy to style and maintain.

Expert Sources: Sarah Potempa; Sabrina Ahmed

After a hot, humid summer full of top buns and claw clip updos, we’re manifesting better hair days ahead. A new season, cooler weather, and fresh hair trends are excellent excuses to switch up your look— and get new a haircut.

In addition to moms searching for a new look, many may also be dealing with breakage or postpartum hair loss. “On average, people lose 50 to 100 hairs every day,” says Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Beachwaver Co. “During pregnancy, the change in hormones keeps your hair from shedding as it normally would. However, as the hormones transition back to normal postpartum, your hair resumes shedding the 50 to 100 hairs it normally would and the hair that was supposed to have shed a while ago. This creates an illusion of excessive hair loss when your hair is just getting back to its normal routine and growth pattern,” explains Potempa.

Lobs, bangs, and layers to take off the dead ends from the summer—and help make hair feel fresh and healthy again—are perfect for this time of year, Potempa says. These cuts are the hottest fall hair trends and are the key to hiding regrowth.

The Shag

Some of the biggest hair trends this season are ’70s retro-inspired cuts, such as the shag haircut, which features lots of layers and movement. Potempa is a fan of this cut for moms because “the long layers will add texture and movement, making a messy bun or ponytail cute even on the days you don’t have time to style your hair. Just make sure to keep the front pieces long enough to pull back.” Potempa also recommends slicking back the new regrowth and fine baby hairs with a bit of gel, like her Beachwaver Co. new Epic Flex Styling Gel, which locks down flyaways without a sticky finish.

What to ask for: This look can be achieved on all hair lengths and hair textures. Choose your desired hair length, then request long, choppy layers throughout.

Curtain Bangs

After the regrowth starts and you are ready to make a change, you can have fun with current trends that will also help disguise a patchy hairline. “A curtain bang is a cool look that can be styled to look chic and stylish with a bouncy blowout or a quick side braid or ponytail,” Potempa says. It can be combined with any of these looks (or your current haircut style) to look fresh and new.

What to ask for: Rather than cutting straight across, curtain bangs frame your face, like a curtain frames the windows. Generally, curtain bangs are softer looking and curve at an angle from short to long. Your stylist can help you with the correct length and style for your face shape.

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Curly Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Sabrina Ahmed, hairstylist and Garnier Curl Expert, is also a big fan of bangs. “Curly bangs and face-framing layers are an option for changing up your look without the commitment of taking off length,” she explains. “It’s a great way to add shape to your cut and frame the face while creating lots of volume—the bigger the hair, the better.” A conditioning curl cream will hydrate and define your curls; you can air dry, too, says Ahmed.

What to ask for: To achieve this look, ask your stylist to create rounded layers connecting the shortest layer to the longest layer.

Protective Braids

As Y2K fashion trends continue to rule, so do Y2K hairstyles. “Not only are braids a protective style for coily and curly hair, but they can be combined with hair accessories like colorful hair ties and clips for a fun look,” Ahmed says. The options for braid styles are endless, from cornrows to knotless box braids. The goal is to create a look that is low-maintenance and adds protection for your hair type.

What to ask for: It’s important to go to a stylist and braider who is knowledgeable about hair types 3 and 4 and can install the braids without causing damage. The type of braid you ask for is up to your personal preference.

The Butterfly Cut

“A long, layered haircut is the best cut for postpartum as it will add volume and blend in with the new hair growth,” Potempa says. The current iteration of a layered cut is called The Butterfly Cut and was my personal haircut choice of the season. The Butterfly Cut is similar to the shag as it is characterized by lots of layers through the entire head of hair. However, this cut has smooth, blended layers that give a volumizing effect.

“The layers will create a smoother transition from short to long pieces and will allow all of your hair that’s growing in to look blended,” explains Potempa. This style is also easier to maintain as it will still look pretty while your hair grows out without frequent salon trims.

What to ask for: Long, blended, volumizing layers through the front and back of your hair. This is also a great cut to combine with curtain bangs.

The Long Bob (or “Lob”)

The standout hairstyle of the ’90s was the long bob a la Victoria Beckham, and it’s back en vogue. But, before committing to a big chop, Potempa recommends taking a beat. “I usually love wearing my hair down, but after having both of my kids, I remember always wanting to be able to pull my hair back into a clean bun,” she says, adding, “A lob would be a great haircut for new moms because it’s trendy and chic, but also long enough to be able to sweep off your face.”

What to ask for: The lob generally sits around the tops of the shoulders or above and is cut at an angle with the hair slightly longer in the front than the back.

While a fresh haircut is essential for everyone to keep their strands healthy and groomed, the style you choose becomes even more important when you’re a mom. You don’t have any time to waste on lengthy blowouts or high-maintenance styling routines. Each of these haircuts is trendy yet will style and grow out with ease. And as a bonus, they can also hide postpartum regrowth.