Take care down there

By Published On: October 25th, 2018Tags: ,

Once labor and delivery is a distant—err, maybe not—memory and you’re finally cradling your newborn, tending to your mental health, an unrecognizable body and exhausted lady bits may be the farthest thing from your mind. But listen to our advice: You need to be prepared for life as a postpartum new mama. Here’s what you should know:

Plan to lie around for a while
It’s not called R&R for nothing. Rest and relaxation are imperative to your healing process. Whether it’s a few days, a few weeks or an entire month, take the time you need to let your body recharge. Remember that your uterus is on the mend from separating from the placenta (you’re not only bleeding period blood!), so try to take it easy. This is also the best time to enlist the help of your partner, your mom or your friends with everyday duties—no laundry or dishes for you!

Your nether regions are going to be a wreck
Sorry to break it to you, but there’s work to be done down there. From vaginal tears to hemorrhoids to daily cleanings, you’ll have your hands full with perineal pampering. Thankfully, there are miracle-working products for those unfortunate ailments listed—and then some! We recommend Earth Mama Organics for your postpartum care routine. Try freezing a pack of their pads made with herbal sitz bath for soothing relief, or the Herbal Perineal Spray offering on-the-spot cooling to hard-to-reach places. (C-Section mommies take note: They have an amazing Skin & Scar Balm made just for you!) The entire line will make the mending process more manageable, and your vagina will seriously thank you.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions
As your hormones start to recalibrate, you’re going to feel every shift and emotional pull. It’s perfectly OK to cry and laugh and feel as if you’re all over the place. Allow your feelings to flow freely and make sure someone close to you knows what you’re experiencing every day. As you’ve probably heard, the baby blues are somewhat expected, but postpartum depression is something to look out for after the first few weeks of readjusting to life with your baby. (Tip: Breastfeeding helps you level out more quickly, so take this time to build a mutually beneficial bond with your wee one.)

This post was made in partnership with Earth Mama Organics, a line of herbal products safe for mamas, babies and the environment.