How to make the postpartum period easier

Thanks to round-the-clock feedings, intermittent sleep and birth-related battle wounds, it’s safe to say you’ve got your work cut out for you once baby arrives. Make it manageable with these simplifying strategies.

Lower your expectations.
Maybe you typically sweep the floors once a day or cook up a homemade meal Monday through Friday. Put those rules to rest for a few weeks (or months) until you’ve adjusted to your new normal.

Wear your baby.
It’s only logical that your newbie wants to be with you constantly—you two were inseparable for the past nine months. Get comfortable using a wrap or sling as soon as possible, so you can snuggle your wee one and have your hands free to do things like eat a sandwich.

Vet your visitors.
You’ll likely have a line of folks eager to meet your delicious newborn. But unless they’re equally keen to fold your laundry, load your dishwasher and bring you food, tell them you’ll be in touch when you’re up for company.

Lean on your partner.
Now is not the time to prove you can go it alone. Let your partner change baby’s diaper, refresh your water and write thank-you notes for baby gifts. They’ll be thrilled to contribute, and you’ll be glad to have something off your plate.

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