Let’s stay in

By Published On: February 12th, 2019Tags: ,

What started as a budding romance (and turned into a baby bump) needs some routine maintenance every now and then. The good news is it doesn’t have to involve a crowded restaurant (why pay to feel like you can’t be alone, amirite?) or waiting for an Uber. Bring the festivities inside your home with a thoughtful staycation sure to rekindle the fire.

Make arrangements. Step No. 1 is to find childcare. If you have family or friends available nearby, see if they would be willing to take care of your kiddo for a night. If that’s not possible, have a babysitter come over for at least a few hours while you both spend time together somewhere else. Set up the patio for a candlelit dinner or keep babe upstairs while you both indulge in a movie with popcorn. Whatever you do, try to give yourself enough time to really enjoy it, knowing it may take you a little while to get in the frame of mind to actually connect. You don’t want to cut the conversation short once you finally find something else besides parenting to discuss.

Set the tone. Whatever vibe you both enjoy, go with it. If casual is key and you’re just happy to be absent-minded, order some takeout and indulge in that not-so-family-friendly comedy. If you miss getting glammed up and want to dance (but also want to be in bed before the clubs even open) put on your party dress and a playlist that gets you moving. No matter the ambiance, it may be nice to add a special touch somewhere, like a handwritten card to your lover or grabbing his favorite vino to enjoy together.

Don’t miss out. It may be tempting to catch up on laundry or deep clean the closet, but try to stop and utilize the time you have set aside for one another. If you know there are things you can’t do easily with baby around, make sure you do them. It may feel forced at first, but being intentional to experience and enjoy your partner will benefit you both for the long run.

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