Lend a hand

By Published On: December 20th, 2018Tags: ,

A healing balm: We can guarantee you will feel the effects of your exhausted lady bits and be too tired yourself to want to tend to them. Keep your nether regions on the mend with an all-in-one healing balm that can applied directly to surgical wounds.

Postpartum shapewear: When it comes to bouncing back from pregnancy, compression is your ultimate companion to providing much-needed support for both moms who delivered vaginally and via cesarean. Best worn during the first eight weeks of recovery, this strong and seamless shapewear stays in place while helping your body return to its original form. Wear it under your robe, loungewear or everyday clothing. We recommend having more than one while at home or out and about.

Milk collection cups: Ask any nursing mom, and she will tell you breast milk is as valuable as gold; spilt, spoiled or wasted milk simply is not an option. To catch every spare drop, pick up a collecting cup to wear during feedings. As you nourish your infant throughout the day, you can also be adding to your expressed milk inventory without using a pump—win, win!

Breastfeeding supplement: If you’re worried about whether or not you’re producing enough milk supply, talk with your doctor about adding a breastfeeding supplement to your diet. Available in pill, powder and other edible forms, these trusty helpers support production through fast, convenient means that will give you peace of mind.

This post was made in partnership with Wink Shapewear, a line of powerful postpartum garments helping mamas everywhere recover faster after baby.