How to recover from a C-section

How to recover from a C-section, Pregnancy & Newborn
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Walk on by
Within 24 hours of surgery, you’ll want to get up and walk around a bit. Having a C-section increases your risk of blood clots, but moving around shortly after surgery greatly reduces this risk and helps to recover from a c-section.

Support your abdomen
Enlisting the help of a compression garment is highly suitable for after pregnancy, a C-section or any other abdominal surgery. Wink Shapewear provides support during your first eight weeks of postpartum recovery, thanks to a three-layer design and thick banding that prevents rolling and keeps things in place. You will protect the incision and maintain better posture, which is key to healing your abdominal muscles.

Wink Shapewear, Recover From A C-Section

Go with the flow
If you plan to breastfeed, it’s important to check with your physician to ensure any medication you’re considering taking is safe for both you and baby. If you’ve started trying to breastfeed but the well seems dry, don’t fret—many mothers who have caesarean births experience a delay in the arrival of their milk. A local lactation consultant can offer support and additional guidance.

Ask for help
View this recovery period as an opportunity to continue the prebaby pampering post-delivery. Many moms find it helpful to have family members stay over for a while to assist with housework, prepare meals, and even take care of the baby. You’ll also likely be under the influence of pain medication for days—if not weeks—while you heal, so your support group will be vital during this time. By accepting the help you’re offered, you’ll allow your body to rest and encourage a quicker recovery.

This post was made in partnership with Wink Shapewear, a line of powerful postpartum garments helping mamas everywhere recover faster after baby.