Come together

1| Deep core activation: Good for finding and engaging your core.
Use this breathing technique during all exercises and throughout your day to improve your core connection and strength. Take a deep breath in to fill your diaphragm. Exhale as you gently draw your pelvic floor together and upward, lightly holding your core in and up.

2| Pelvic tilts: Good for strengthening your pelvic floor.
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Exhale as you visualize drawing your pelvic floor together and upward. As you inhale, allow your pelvis to float back.

3| Plank sides: Good for strengthening your abs and mid-back.
Stand a few feet away with your hands flat on a wall. Exhale as you engage your quads, squeeze in your low belly and lift your heels. Inhale to lower your heels. Focus on lengthening through your entire body and lightly engaging your core.

Wink Shapewear recovery garments

In addition to strength exercises, it’s also important to enlist the help of shapewear. Best utilized immediately following labor and delivery (and beyond!), shapewear is all about helping your healing body and providing extra abdominal support as you transition into everyday life with baby. It shrinks the belly, assists with C-section recovery and also reminds you to sit up straight, which is especially crucial for nursing mothers.

Quality shapewear will complement your recovery and enhance your experience as a new mom. Our pick is Wink Shapewear, a woman-owned full line of recovery and trimming garments to help you feel and look your best from birth and beyond.