Benefits of compression during the postpartum period

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Postpartum compression garments are medical-grade compression pieces that add extra support needed to care for the areas most affected by pregnancy and delivery.


It works by helping the body lose excess fluid caused by factors such as water retention, preeclampsia and IV drips. A woman’s body is still full of fluid after delivery, and though it will regulate itself overtime through sweating and urination, a compression garment can speed the loss of excess water by compressing abdominal tissues. It can also help internal organs shift to their natural position and help the midsection return to its original shape. Compression garments can be used with both vaginal and cesarean birth recoveries and come with a bevy of extra perks.


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-Reduce swelling (also known as edema)
-Stabilize the abdomen
-Relieve pelvic girdle pain
-Support lower back and hips for improved posture
-Tighten and tone belly, hips, waist, pelvis and lower back
-Aid wound healing after a C-section


Investing in quality compression garments can improve your healing process and experience as a new mom. Our pick is Wink Shapewear, offering not one, but two layers of medical-grade compression that fit seamlessly under clothing. After recovery, their line can also be worn as shapewear to smooth out the belly and back. For more information, visit