5 alternative uses for breast milk

You already know breast is best for baby’s growth and development, but your mama milk is anything but a one-trick pony. Enlist the healing properties of your liquid gold when one of these common complaints pops up.

Sooth sore nipples: Dry and cracked nipples get immediate relief by expressing a little extra milk post-feeding and rubbing onto the affected area. It’s a good habit to build that works mini miracles for your aching tatas.

Ease an ear infection: Packed with antibodies, breast milk not only fights off an initial infection (which usually starts around 6 months of age), but it can also treat and fight off and existing flare up. Put 3 to 4 drops at the entrance of each ear canal every few hours.

Attack acne: Are you or your wee one suffering from postbirth pimples? Luckily the lauric acid in breast milk has antibacterial, acne-fighting qualities that do wonders for the skin. Apply directly to problem spots with a cotton ball or wash the face with a milk-and-water mixture.

Treat pinkeye: If you call to schedule an appointment for your infected babe, you may be advised to add a few drops of milk into each eye using a clean eyedropper until seen by a doctor. (Note: Most cases of pinkeye require antibiotics to fully heal, so don’t wait too long.)

Calm eczema: Good for mom and baby alike, the natural moisturizers in breast milk can ease the itch and help inflamed patches clear up more quickly. (This can be applied to cradle cap and diaper rash, too!)

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