Time for a change

Conquer the time change without losing (much) sleep.

Don’t let the switch to daylight saving time throw off your family’s routine. Follow these tips from Conner Herman and Kira Ryan, sleep experts and authors of The Dream Sleeper, to ensure your spring forward is seamless.

Be proactive
Begin adjusting baby’s schedule on Saturday to give him a head start on the Sunday change. By the time Monday rolls around, your family will be set up for success.

Be stealth
If your child takes two or three naps during the day, move up the naps in 15-minute increments. If your child has one nap a day, move it up 30 minutes and push his bedtime forward another 30 minutes.

Be active
Plan extra activities for your family, preferably outdoors in fresh air, to help prepare your tot for a much-needed rest.

Be consistent
Stick to your baby’s normal bedtime routine—dinner, storybook, etc.—to maintain familiarity and comfort.


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