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Think outside the box Baby Care

Think outside the box

Playing with toys may seem like fun and games, but it can also help rev up baby’s fine motor skills.

Reach + grab
Your wee one practices hand-eye coordination as he reaches for playthings with tabs or textures. Toys that make sounds, like a rattle or a soft book that crinkles, can also entice your tot to make a move.

Put + take
Shape sorters—or even a bucket filled with balls—encourage your little guy to place something into a container and then empty it out. You might be surprised by how content he’ll be to do it again and again (and again).

Stack + tumble
Building with blocks helps perfect baby’s grasp and also lets him get the hang of how to move the pieces to a specific spot (like one on top of another, for example, or into a straight line). When he knocks down his architectural masterpiece, he begins to get a sense of cause and effect.

Note: It takes some time for little ones to fine-tune their motor skills, so if your babe hasn’t quite mastered fitting the triangle piece into the triangle hole, take heart: There’s still plenty of time to learn. If you’re concerned your child’s development is delayed, bring it up at his next pediatrician appointment.