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The holidays may have come and gone, but cold and flu season is still going strong. Wee ones are especially affected during colder months, so continue applying these healthful tips to keep everyone on the mend.

1| Disinfect. Making prevention a practice is key to avoid sickness. Not only is washing your hands highly effective (at least 15 seconds in warm water on the top/bottom of hands and wrists), but sanitizing germy surfaces like doorknobs, handles, the remote, your phone or keys with a baby-safe formula can get ahead of an illness spreading.

2| Stock up. If someone in your crew does catch what’s going around, make sure your go-to products are within reach. We recommend a digital thermometer (for wiggly worms), an herbal chest rub for bedtime and the saline drops and wipes from the Boogie Wipes® brand made with natural saline. Boogie Drops® saline nose drops are great for dissolving mucus, minimizing congestion and moisturizing dry nasal passages, while the wipes keep the face clean without causing irritation. We can’t recommend these products enough!

3| Hydrate. Speaking of congestion, water not only replenishes the body, but it assists in loosening mucus to aid in recovery. Water is especially important if a fever is present, so don’t be afraid to up the intake.

4| Go to bed. It’s not just the brain that needs rest. Our immune systems are recharged at night, making it possible to better fight off infection. If baby seems tired earlier than usual or wants to take an extra afternoon nap, let her. The more sleep, the better.

5| Eat well. If you’re currently breastfeeding, keep it up! The nutrients in your milk provide a wealth of antibodies that cater toward keeping baby well. It may be a good idea to feed on demand or offer the breast more often for the best protection. If your tot is into solids, fruits and lots of veggies (especially dark green, red and yellow varieties) offer a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.

This post was made in partnership with the Boogie Wipes® brand, a line of natural saline products we reach for when sickness arise in our own homes.

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