How to play with a newborn

During those first weeks it might not seem like your little lump is interested in a rousing round of peekaboo, but play is the best way for babies to learn about the world. Try these simple activities to get your game on.

Make faces.
Even at this young age, infants love to look at faces, particularly mom’s. Get up close (so he can see you) and grin, grimace or stick out your tongue.

Tell stories.
Chatting and reading books—with all sorts of voices and sound effects—will boost language development. Plus, he adores the sound of your voice!

Sing and dance.
Play some tunes, hold your kiddo close, and gently sway to the music. As you waltz around the room, he’s learning that mama equals comfort.

Lie down.
Tummy time will help build muscles and fine-tune motor skills. He won’t be able to hold up his head just yet, so get down on the ground with him where he can see you.

Image: / Pixdeluxe

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