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Smart thermometer: A raised temperature is a sure sign something’s up. Stay two steps ahead with a digital thermometer. This one offers accurate readings in mere seconds and connects to your phone, making it easier to keep a record to share with the pediatrician. It also comes with a free app that offers real-time guidance in a pinch.

Boogie Drops: Colds are one of the most common ailments for small ones, and congestion usually follows suit. Combat a stuffy, irritated nose with Boogie Drops. The natural saline breaks up hard-to-reach mucus that wipes can’t clean, and the specially designed tip makes administering easier. These non-medicated drops are safe for newborns and provide much-needed moisture and relief to tiny nasal passages. We recommend using them alongside Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist for the ultimate dream team.

Chest and foot rub: When baby isn’t happy, nobody is happy. Keep the whole family in harmony with an organic non-GMO rub that can be applied to the chest, back or feet at bedtime. The calming scent of eucalyptus and lavender oils will help comfort your fussy babe for a (fingers crossed) smooth night of rest.

Vapor bath: After a long day of your sweet pea feeling less-than spectacular, wash those woes away with a vapor bath. Naturally scented essential oils create a calming environment for soaking and splashing.

Medicine dispenser: If your infant is able to take medicine, you know the administering process can be difficult. A medicine dispenser acts like a pacifier and sends the proper dose amount to the side of the cheek (so baby can’t taste it and is less likely to spit it out), eliminating the fuss and the mess all in one. We think that’s a win!