5 rules of sleep safety

By Published On: January 1st, 2018Tags: , ,

1 | Place baby on her back.
That goes for naptime and nighttime. Your little one can practice tummy time while she’s awake and supervised.

2 | Skip the pillows, extra covers and stuffed animals.
They could obstruct breathing or result in overheating, so stick to a simple fitted sheet and wearable blanket.

3 | Put baby in her own sleep space.
You can share a room—in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that for the first six months of life you do—but you should not share a bed. Opt for a bassinet, co-sleeping device or travel bed instead.

4 | Make sure that sleep space is a firm one.
Pillow-top mattresses, waterbeds, sofa cushions and similarly plush surfaces are a no-go.

5 | Stop swaddling as soon as baby starts trying to roll.
Your wee one will need those chubby arms free to help lift her head and roll herself back over.

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