Welcome and Celebrate Your New Baby

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There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of a little one, and you'll find something to mark every occasion with Minted.

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Nowadays, the long-held tradition of sending formal baby shower invitations and birth announcements has been overshadowed by the convenience and speed of a social media post or an e-vite. And we get it—expectant and new parents are busy, so buying stationery and following proper etiquette probably aren’t at the top of the priority list. Still, there’s something to be said for sending out a tangible memento to mark these exciting occasions, and Minted’s stationery line for babies is so pretty that it’s worth shuffling your sleep-deprived, baby-wearing, mom-bun-rocking, still-sore self down to the post office. And if leaving the house with your newborn in tow isn’t an option, Minted offers postage stamps so you can mail birth announcements and thank-you cards from your own mailbox.

Minted products feature designs created by independent artists that fit every style and personality. Plus, they offer beautiful quality paper, choice of printing technique (foil, letterpress, hand-pressed), and customization options like shape, photos, colors, and more. They’ll even address your envelopes for free (a time-saving perk especially helpful for new parents)!

If the thought of sending out formal paper goods while adjusting to life as a new parent still makes you feel less-than-enthused, you’re not completely out of luck. Minted also has incredible art to help you create your dream nursery. And, if nothing else, you can always come back to the site later—after the sleep deprivation has lifted—to create the perfect first birthday party invite for your little one. If there’s an occasion to celebrate, Minted has you covered.  

Baby Shower Invitations

Some moms-to-be may still opt for a traditional baby shower with a room full of women in their Sunday best, playing baby bingo and offering “oohs” and “ahhs” as gifts are opened. We know that traditional showers are often (somewhat of) a surprise hosted by family and friends, but if you’re planning (or helping to plan) your own, or if you have a choice of theme and invitations, we recommend the simple, contemporary design of Minted’s Cheerful shower invitations. The subtle, gender-neutral hues and combination of stylish fonts match any aesthetic. You can customize this design with foil type and choose from four shapes and five gorgeous, high-quality paper stocks. 

If you and your partner wish to celebrate your baby-to-be with all your friends and family, a contemporary, co-ed gathering may be more your style. Options like the chic and classy abstract Pebble foil-pressed design or the casual, modern, laid-back, gender-inclusive Tiny Human invitation are updated alternatives to anything you may think of when you think baby shower—in the best possible way. These invitations allow you to customize foil, card colors, shapes, and paper stock. And, like most of Minted’s invitations, you can add coordinating accessories like thank-you cards, stickers, and more.

Sprinkle Invitations

Over the past decade, baby sprinkles have become popular to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a second (and sometimes third) addition. A sprinkle is typically a smaller, more low-key version of a baby shower for parents-to-be who want to celebrate their growing families, and they’re especially useful for those expecting a baby of the opposite sex of their firstborn. Minted has several adorable sprinkle invites to choose from, and we love the celestial theme of this customizable Twinkle Sprinkle foil-pressed invitation designed by one of Minted’s many independent artists. The coordinating thank-you cards, favor tags, and the rest of the stationery in this suite are also not to be missed.

Birth Announcements

Aside from finding the time and energy to plan a professional photo shoot with your new bundle of joy, the most challenging part of sending birth announcements will be having to choose from dozens of gorgeous options. With Minted’s new line of Disney-themed birth announcements, like Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clip, you’ll want to share the news of your baby’s arrival with everyone you know. Or, multitask with a holiday birth announcement like the Bundle of Joy design. Whichever style you pick, choose from your favorite classic characters or holiday well-wishes, colors, shapes, paper stocks, and more.

Sip & See Party Invitations

Gaining popularity in recent years, a party welcoming a new baby, often called a “Sip & See,” is a variation of the traditional baby shower held after baby’s arrival. Waiting to have a baby shower until after baby and family settle in at home and are ready for guests to meet their new brood makes a lot of sense, especially if your baby’s sex is a surprise or if you’re keeping their name a secret until after their arrival. You’re sure to find something to fit your (and your little one’s) personality from Minted’s wide selection of beautiful, customizable baby meet-and-greet invitations, like the Flora Garden invitation, a chic foil-pressed option. Choose from eight foil colors, four of Minted’s Silhouette Shapes, three luxurious paper stocks, and matching accessories like thank-you cards, stickers, favor tags, and more.

Thank-You Cards

However you choose to welcome your new bundle of joy, it will likely result in the generosity of family and friends. Show your loved ones that the gifts, support, and well-wishes are appreciated with the simple gesture of a thank-you card. When purchasing your shower invites or birth announcements, add coordinating thank-yous, or choose from hundreds of other options.

Nursery Decor & Children’s Art 

Welcome baby home with something that they will grow up alongside. Minted has much more than a near-endless selection of stationery, including hundreds of limited-edition, curated, personalized, Disney, and other themed prints and wall murals for children. Mementos like this cheerful Personalized Rainbow print are customizable, available in a range of sizes, and offer several frame options.

Welcoming a new baby to the world calls for a celebration whenever or however you choose. Announce that celebration with a keepsake you’ll be happy you held onto. We love the variety, quality, personalization, unique designs, and support of independent artists that Minted offers on their baby and kids’ stationery and decor selection. What’s more, free samples, recipient address printing, and unlimited proofing add value and save you time. 

Try one of Minted’s thousands of curated baby and kids’ items for 20% off your first purchase with code PNMAG20 at checkout. Congratulations!