Products We’re Loving for October

By Published On: October 2nd, 2023

As the air gets a little chillier this month, these picks will help keep you, your home, and your little ones comfy cozy.

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Over the last decade, the Danish word “hygge” (pronounced hooga) has become popularized worldwide. It’s been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, and even the official Scrabble Dictionary. But what does it mean? And what does it have to do with our list of editors’ product picks for October? 

There isn’t an English equivalent to hygge because it’s less of a word than it is a concept, representing the warm-fuzzy feeling of coziness, comfort, and calm. Think a room lit by warm twinkle lights, candles, and a fireplace; a mug of hot cider with a cinnamon stick; fuzzy socks, an oversized cardigan, and a plush throw blanket; reading a good book while snuggled up next to someone you love. As we move away from the hot days of summer into the peak of autumn, the air becomes more brisk, the sun sinks down earlier in the evenings, and many of us find ourselves settling in with the family as if we’re gearing up for hibernation. We love this time of year and are convinced that this month’s editors’ picks will help you live your best hygge life this October.

Comfywear Collection by 7AM

For the warmest, fuzziest, and snuggliest baby and toddler clothes, look no further than the Comfywear Collection by 7AM. The line includes options for newborns, babies, and tots up to size 4T. All the pieces feature fuzzy, chunky, or knit fabrics, making them soft and oh-so-cozy. We absolutely love the boxy sweater paired with the boxy lounge pants for a cute matching set, but you also can’t go wrong with the long-sleeve romper, the camisole and cardigan set, or the adorable suspender bloomers. If only they had a comfywear collection for adults!

Foton Pearled Candle

What’s a list of all things cozy without a calming candle? Most of us are no strangers to fall-scented flickering flames this time of year, but Foton Pearled Candle’s unique design is worth highlighting. Instead of a traditional wax candle, pour the package of clean-burning pearls made from sustainably sourced, non-toxic, clean-burning, plant-based wax that you can pour into any container of your choice (if you don’t have one, purchase the kit that includes a glass vase with the pearls). The pearls are available in different colors and scents, and the basic candle set comes with 30 wicks (each burns around 12 hours) and enough wax pearls for up to 120 hours of burn time. Plus, if you forget to blow the candle out or it gets knocked over, it self-extinguishes (which is especially useful in homes with rowdy kiddos).

Wonder & Wise Campout Campfire & S’mores

If snuggling up around a campfire on a cold October night doesn’t say cozy, we don’t know what does. With the Campout Campfire and S’mores set from Wonder & Wise by asweets, kiddos can get in on the bonfire fun safely and indoors. The whimsical plush set is made from felt and corduroy and includes a ring of rocks, four logs, two sticks, three flames, two roasting sticks, and enough fluffy ingredients for two s’mores. This set not only gives off some very cute hygge vibes, but it also offers little ones the opportunity to engage in much-loved pretend play.

Gripper Slippers from Bombas

The temperatures are already dipping, so why wait until the holiday season to refresh your family’s cozy footwear? The Gripper Slippers from Bombas are available in women’s, men’s, youth, and toddler sizes and styles. These slippers are lined with soft and warm sherpa and come in basic knit or cable knit styles, and they’re equipped with grippers to avoid slips (which is crucial for younger walkers). These are basically the perfect, comfy combination of socks and slippers (or shall we call them “slocks”?).

Puffer Hug

The whole family can get in on this pick! The original Puffer Hug is available in adult, kid, and even dog sizes and can be worn as a scarf or a wrap. It’s fleece-lined with large, deep pockets, making it a fantastic accessory for a chilly morning soccer game, football tailgates, or haunted hayrides. The 418 Scarf, available for pre-order, has a slightly different design without fleece lining, but that can transform from a scarf to a puffer vest with a little readjusting and snapping. As if that’s not enough to sell you on this unique product, a portion of every sale gets donated to children’s mental health programs nationwide.

Cable Knit Nursing Cover by Seraphine

A cozy cable knit sweater is essential to any October wardrobe, and we love Seraphine’s Grey Cable Knit Nursing Cover for breastfeeding parents. With a flowy, one-size-fits-most design, this cover is made from a soft wool blend fabric and features snaps at the shoulder, making it easy to put on or take off as needed for nursing or warmth. The cable knit design is also slightly different from what you’d typically expect, as it has a lace-like pattern, offering more breathability for you and your baby during feeds.