Gear Review: Junama Stroller

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With a style unlike any other, this stroller is a luxurious treat for both baby and parent alike.

Among some of the most essential baby gear items is a stroller, and it’s a purchase not to be taken lightly. You will use a stroller to help your little one get around from the time they are born well into the toddler years, so you want something that is well made, designed with your child’s comfort in mind, and that is comfortable and enjoyable to push around. A stroller is an investment piece, so if you’re looking to stroll in style and luxury, then the Junama Pram may be the chic choice you’ve been looking for. 

I was fortunate enough to try out the remarkable Pilot Collection model, and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. Junama’s decked-out pram provides comfort, convenience, and functionality with a unique look that sets itself apart.


This stroller arrived in an enormous box. Upon opening, I found a set of instructions and several parts in various plastic bags. Everything was packaged nicely, with enough padding that every piece came out without a scratch. 

Before getting started on assembly, I quickly looked at the instruction manual to make sure there were no essential first steps I needed to follow. The instructions were helpful, but with so many parts and the overall need for safety in a product like this, I would have liked to see written-out step-by-step directions. The manual contains some written instructions but relies primarily on images to help you put the many pieces together; however, Junama is currently updating its instruction manuals to include a link to instructional videos, so this should be helpful for future purchases.

Thankfully, no tools were required to assemble the stroller, and most of the setup for the big pieces was rather intuitive. From start to finish, it took me around 15 minutes to put the stroller together with the carrycot attachment. That said, after I assembled the stroller, I needed to reference the instructions to figure out how to attach some of the extra parts, like the foot covers, and how to adjust parts of the stroller, like the seat recline.

Key Features

This stroller has no shortage of features. Since it’s a luxury item, it offers most of what a parent could want from a pram. In my opinion, everything about the Junama stroller is stand-out, but I did pick a few key features as my favorites. 


The chic design of this stroller is hands-down its most noteworthy feature. I have honestly never seen a stroller that looks like this. Currently, Junama offers three model collections: Bon Bon, which has two color options; Stardust, which has three color options; and Pilot, which has six color options (mine is “Gilded Sand”). In addition to the color choices, the carrycot has a unique look, with a textured diamond pattern along the bottom that really stands out. 

Packed with extras

Junama strollers come with tons of extra accessories you’d typically pay extra for when purchasing a stroller. My pram included a rain cover, a mosquito net, a complementing diaper bag with a changing mat and tons of pockets and storage space, both the carrycot and the seat (and foot covers for each), a cup holder attachment, a mesh sun shade, and a zippered removable storage basket on the bottom of the stroller. 

These extras are more than enough for a lot of parents, but there are also extras you can purchase, including a sleeping bag, stroller hand muffs, and universal car seat adapters so that you can attach your infant carrier right to the stroller for easy travel. The sleeping bag and hand muffs are super soft and made with high-quality fabrics that will keep you and your baby toasty warm even on the coldest days. Plus, the sleeping bag includes a garment bag, so you can easily hang it in a closet during the warmer months. 

Comfort for baby

I was impressed by the plushness of the carrycot mattress, the seat, the harness covers, and even the changing mat. Everything that touches baby is made with soft fabric and is designed with your little one’s coziness in mind. Additionally, the stroller has a full suspension system that helps ensure a smooth ride for baby. My husband and I were amazed by how easy it is to push this stroller—it just glides across the ground. Even my 4-year-old and 7-year-old could push it with ease. 

Configuration options

The strollers that can grow with your child are the best investments. Junama’s pram has several configuration options, offering a safe spot for newborns to toddlers weighing up to 33 pounds. I love that the carrycot’s mattress can be laid flat or inclined for older babies with more strength (the carrycot is safe for babies up to six months old) and that the seat unit can be put on the stroller facing out or facing the parent. The seat also has an adjustable footrest and several incline positions, so you can be sure your little one will have full support no matter their age. Also, the universal car seat adapters offer one more useful configuration.

Areas for Improvement

This stroller is truly unlike any other I’ve used (or even seen), and it’s hard to list all of the features and benefits because there are so many. Even so, I think a few things could be improved upon.


By no means is this a lightweight stroller. The base alone weighs 21.2 pounds; with the seat attachment, it weighs 30.7 pounds, and with the carrycot, it weighs 33.1 pounds. Despite its weight, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to push it, which is nice, but it still has to be lifted occasionally, like getting it in and out of a car or carrying it over a big curb. 

Packaging waste

As I mentioned, this stroller arrived without any damage, and that’s certainly worth noting. However, it took a lot of plastic and padding for that to happen. There were so many separate pieces in the shipping box, and many of them were packed in their own plastic bags. After unpacking everything, I was disappointed to see just how much packaging waste came with the product. Given the state of our planet and how plastic contributes to climate change, I’d love to see Junama find alternative, more eco-friendly ways to package its products.

Collapsed size  

A pram is anything but compact, which may be good for some. However, I wish it were a bit more compact when collapsed since that’s typically when you need to stow it away somewhere (the trunk of your car, overhead bin on a plane, the hall closet, etc.). When folded, the stroller frame alone—without a seat attachment—measures 39 inches high, 41 inches long, and 25 inches wide. I found this to be a bit clunky for my family, and it would leave very little space in the back of my car if I were going out to pick up groceries or taking a road trip with the family. But, having a larger stroller like this affords more comfort and ample storage to walk around the neighborhood, the park, or a more urban setting.

Who Would Enjoy This Product

This stroller is perfect for the family that wants to combine style and functionality, who doesn’t need to worry about how compact a stroller is but is focused more on comfortably fitting baby, gear, and anything else needed for a day around town in a beautiful baby stroller that will certainly turn some heads.  Since it comes with so many extras, like the rain cover and mosquito net, I think it would be an especially great product for someone who lives in a walkable city or who spends a lot of time outdoors with their family. Even if you don’t live in a big city, I can’t see anyone disappointed with this pram.

If you’re interested in one of these strollers for your family, Junama is offering 20% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the sale runs from Friday, November 24 through Monday, November 27). They also offer free shipping on every order all year long.