15 Halloween Activities and Toys for Kids

By Published On: October 16th, 2023

Perfect for adding even more fun to the spooky season.

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The best thing about Halloween is that, once a year, we’re all given free rein to let our strange sides shine. If you love this creepy time of year as much as I do, Halloween-themed toys and games are an excellent way to introduce your little ones to the ghostly delights of the holiday without frightening them (and a whole lot safer than trying to help them hold a knife while pumpkin carving).

You can find plenty of eyeball-shaped erasers, witch fingers, and fake vampire teeth in the Halloween section of any big box store, but there are many other great spine-chilling toys, activities, and party games that offer a little more quality—most of which can be used more than once. To save you some time this year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Halloween toys and activities to help your kiddos get into the holiday spirit.

Vampire Mouse Plush

The Bouvier Vampire Mouse from Mon Ami is the perfect blend of adorable and spooky for kids of all ages to enjoy! The body of the mouse is covered in a fun spiderweb pattern, and it’s wearing a long black cape and black boots. Don’t worry, though; there’s nothing too scary about it, so it will still make a wonderful sleeping companion (and won’t cause nightmares).

Monster Puzzle

For preschoolers between 3 and 5 years old, the 25-piece Lucy’s Room Where the Monsters Roam Halloween Puzzle by Emerson and Friends offers some holiday-appropriate fun. The puzzle was inspired by the board book Where the Monsters Roam and features kid-friendly depictions of ghosts, a mummy, a zombie, a werewolf, and more. The puzzle is made from cardboard pieces and measures 24 inches by 24 inches when assembled.

Color Your Own Haunted House

Kids who love to color will enjoy Mondo Llama’s Halloween Color-Your-Own Haunted House Kit. The DIY Halloween set comes with 27 cardboard panels with different designs that your little one can color to create and display a totally one-of-a-kind haunted house. In addition to the house, there are cardboard figurines to color and play with, including a cat, a skeleton, Frankenstein’s monster, headstones, pumpkins, and a witch’s cauldron. Just a note: some assembly is required there, so grown-ups should be prepared to help a little.

Orange and Black Pacifier Set

While they aren’t quite developed enough to partake in many of the classic fall activities—like corn mazes and apple picking—babies can still get into the Halloween spirit with the orange and black Sweetie Soother pacifier two-pack from Itzy Ritzy. Each pacifier is safe for newborns and up, features a one-piece design, is made from 100% food-grade silicone, and is BPA- and PVC-free.

Hocus Pocus Little People

Teach your little one about the Sanderson Sisters with the Hocus Pocus Little People Set, which includes figurines of Sarah, Winifred, and Mary. Even though it’s a collector addition set, these little witches are still made to be played with and are the perfect size for little hands to grip. If you want a few more ghouls to add to the collection, the Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas set is equally as spooktacular. After all, can you ever have too many Little People?

Spooky Sticker Play Set

What makes the Halloween Sticker Play Set from Meri Meri so great is that it actually gives kids a place to put their stickers (that isn’t your furniture or walls). The Halloween activity pack comes with a spooky poster with a haunted house, pumpkin, cat, and ghost, as well as three sticker sheets featuring adorable skeletons, Jack-o-lanterns, and all kinds of fun accessories to create a fun scene.

Skeleton Stuffy

If your kids are anything like mine, they can never have enough stuffed animals. Skeleton Bob from Jellycat will make a perfect, cozy addition to their collection. The plush is made from the super-soft materials and high-quality details we’ve all come to associate with the Jellycat brand.  Fair warning: this not-so-spooky skeleton may become your child’s new favorite stuffy.

Ticket to Ride Ghost Train

I won’t lie–when I came across this Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride Ghost Train board game, I added it to my cart and didn’t look back. My 6-year-old learned how to play Ticket to Ride First Journey this year, so it only makes sense to add the Halloween version to our collection, as well. It’s played the same as First Journey, but instead of US cities on a map, the train routes go from different haunted locations like “Circus of Dread,” “Misty Windmill,” and “Hollow Tree.” Also, the train cards feature spooky scenes and characters, giving this Halloween game some great eerie vibes.

Halloween Alphabet Book

Turn the ABCs into a Halloween activity with B is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet by Greg Paprocki. The board book teaches your little one their letters using fun Halloween words like “D is for Dracula” and “G is for Ghost.” Not only is the book a lot of fun but it’s also filled with great, holiday-appropriate illustrations that are not at all scary.

Tonie Halloween Character Pack

If your kiddo has a Toniebox, then you need to add the Tonie Halloween Character Set to their collection. With the set, you get the witch from Room on the Broom, which includes the story on one track and a “Room on the Broom” song on the other, a cute little bat that plays 16 different Halloween songs, and another witch that reads three spooky tales including Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This set brings kids the perfect collection of Halloween songs and stories.

I Spy Halloween Activity Book

For a fun way to keep your little ones occupied, try the I Spy Halloween activity book. It’s made for kids between 2 and 5 years old and features pages with guessing games, search and find pictures, and more. With this activity book, your little one will not only have some good Halloween fun, but they’ll also get to practice their letters and strengthen their counting skills.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

The Halloween Witch Hat Ring Toss Game from Oriental Trading puts a spooky spin on a classic competition. The set comes with six plastic cones shaped like witches’ hats and covered in fun Halloween patterns, three 5-inch ropes with orange knobs, and three with purple knobs. Break this fun game out at a fall gathering, a Halloween party, or in the playroom on a cold, rainy day.

Ghost Slime

Look, I don’t know what it is about slime that is so appealing to kids, but they love the stuff. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em with the 8-ounce Ghost Frost Icee Slime by Dope Slimes. The slime comes in two side-by-side colors—blue and purple—with little plastic ghosts added throughout for a little extra sensory. Plus, the slime is candy-scented, giving this hands-on activity even more of a Halloween vibe.

Candy Corn and Pumpkin Plushies

Yes, another set of stuffed toys … but just look at them! The Better Together Candy Corn and Pumpkin Magnetic Plush set from Hallmark is too cute not to include on this list. Representing two classic Halloween candies, these plushies measure 5.5 inches and feature weighted bodies, embroidered details, and embedded magnets so they can stick side-by-side or separate (making this an excellent toy set for a pair of siblings).

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If there is one Halloween activity for kids that never gets old, it’s a scavenger hunt. This Halloween Scavenger Hunt from the KeaPrintCo shop on Etsy comes with a checklist with both images and words for each item, as well as little picture cards for you to hide around the house—giving you the power to make the hunt as easy or as difficult as you’d like. Simply make your purchase and download the PDF, print the pieces at home (or wherever you have access to a printer), and you’re all set! Who knows, you may even be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy some Halloween candy while your kids are busy on their hunt.