Mother’s Day Gifts for 2023 That Celebrate You

By Published On: May 3rd, 2023

This year, we encourage you to treat yourself with little luxuries that go the distance.

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As a mom of four amazing children, I’ve had a range of experiences with Mother’s Day—some special and memorable, others … not so much. I’ve felt the joyful anticipation of parenthood while still pregnant with my firstborn, Mother’s Days when I felt unseen and too exhausted to care, and occasions where I was able to proudly observe the growing family I created and, specifically, my unmatched role in the process.

As I inch toward another holiday, I feel a somewhat foreign but important call to honor what I do—what mothers do—every day, with a bit of recognition. We deserve to acknowledge the millions of unseen moments of sacrifice and the heavy mental load we carry for our families, homes, schools, and communities. A true gift of appreciation for this level of effort can’t be matched (though an all-expenses-paid tropical vacation wouldn’t hurt), but the significance lies in applauding yourself and the incredible work you’ve accomplished; it’s not about the actual gesture, and it’s not even about tangible gifts. It’s about admiration and self-gratitude.

But if you’re interested in showing a little self-love, we’ve compiled a list accessible of indulgences to buy for yourself. (You could wait for your partner to gift you some alone time or a thoughtful present that you will love, or you can treat yourself because you deserve it!) We hope these tokens will remind you that you did something to prioritize your comfort, sleep, wellness, enjoyment, individuality, and more. Every time you reach for one of these items or activities, remember that you are worthy, appreciated, and loved—by you!

Cooking Subscription

If you’re interested in dabbling in finer fare (finer than chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese), this French-inspired pantry subscription from Williams Sonoma offers flavor and inspiration. Each month you’ll receive a new ingredient to incorporate into your weekly menu with instructions for use and meal ideas. If you’re not keen on French cuisine, there are other subscription options to consider, such as Italian pantry, global cheeses, and a sauce subscription explicitly made for using an Instant Pot.

Manicure Kit

When you have younger kiddos, it can be hard to make time for a nail appointment, but your hardworking hands still deserve some attention and a little color. Olive & June creates all-in-one nail kits (including press-ons and pedicures!) for caring for your nails without a trip to the salon. Their manicure set features all the essentials to clean, shape, smooth, and paint your nails in 15-free polish (meaning it’s free of 15 harmful chemicals commonly found in other polishes) for the perfect at-home mani. (Just remember to get the green light from your doctor before using the complete set of products if you are pregnant.)

Thoughtful Tome

Speaking of hands, yours have carried an impressive amount. From children to endless laundry baskets to boardroom presentations to long to-do lists of tasks and responsibilities, you’ve held the weight of it all day in and out. Women Holding Things by Maira Kalman was written as a moving meditation on women’s dynamic and complex lives and roles, revealed in the things they hold. Keep it on your nightstand as a daily affirmation that you do a lot of work, but it’s anything but invisible. Reviews of the book say it’s a special gift to give, receive, and share.

Weekender Bag

Honor the traveling you will get to do one day with the weekender bag from Béis, an influencer favorite for quick getaways and carry-on destinations. It has plenty of room for your essentials, a bottom compartment to separate shoes and toiletries, and a zipper pocket on the back that becomes a trolly sleeve that fits over your rolling luggage handle. It keeps packing simple and makes it look even better.

Upgraded Pajamas

If you’re still rocking years-old sweats and T-shirts for bedtime, fresh jammies from LAKE could elevate your night of rest. This bestselling 100% Peruvian Pima cotton set is ultra-soft and can be cozy or cool, making it adaptable for all sleepers and seasons. It’s also cute enough to lounge in on a Saturday morning (and by lounge, I mean make breakfast, change some diapers, and reheat the same cup of coffee—but at least you’ll make it fashionable).

Soap and Lotion Set

It might sound simple, but even the short time you take to wash and moisturize your hands throughout the day can be intentional and make a positive difference. Swap out the products in your main bathroom with ones that feel special to use and enjoy the moment. The rum scent of Malin+Goetz soap and lotion smells incredible, and the formulas leave your hands feeling clean and soft.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Fresh flowers brighten up any room, but they don’t last long. This gorgeous botanical paper arrangement of peonies made by Unwilted is hand-cut from crepe paper and constructed to achieve a realistic look and feel. Choose from a wide range of pre-assembled bouquets, or pick single stems to make your own. Each piece of art will bring a little joy and color to wherever you need it most—and leave a lasting impression.

Birth-Stone Ring

Give a nod to the one who made you a mother with a sparkly accessory for yourself. Ben Bridge offers an array of natural gemstone jewelry, high-quality diamonds, and luxury timepieces. This oval peridot ring is a stackable design that’s minimalist, classic, and perfect for everyday wear. It’s also available in round, rectangular, and flower shapes.

Luxury Candle

Similar to upgrading your soap-and-lotion set, having a special candle reserved for “you time” sets the tone whenever it’s lit, like when you’re getting ready for a date night or starting a new book while enjoying a glass of wine. Aerangis candles incorporate scents that help recreate a memory; notes of garden herbs, citrus, and sandalwood make their No. 10 candle the scent for summertime. Their candles are also plant-based, non-toxic, eco-conscious, and cruelty-free.

Pickleball Set

Looking to pick up a new hobby? Pickleball has seen a significant spike in popularity since the pandemic and has become many people’s social sport of choice. The game combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong and can be quickly picked up by new players. This Nettie paddle set was curated for enjoying the sport in style and includes everything needed to head to the court.

Tanning System

If you’re dreaming of an island vacay that’s not in the cards for the foreseeable future, fake a beachy glow with Saltyface. Their head-to-toe tanning set promises a seamless application thanks to two different agents: the tanning water for your face and the tanning foam for the rest of your body. All formulas are vegan, naturally derived, fragrance-free, safe for all skin types, and sustainable. As always, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best practice to check with your health care provider before adding new products to your skincare routine.

Indoor Citrus Plant

If you’re longing to become a gardener (or to simply nurture something else besides your family), this indoor calamondin plant from Via Citrus is the perfect present. Calamondins are a hybrid fruit with elements of mandarin oranges and kumquats. They’re often used in baked goods and to make jams, so you can care for your plant and use it to make treats. Moreover, calamondin plants are a beautiful addition to any room (full sun needed) and give off a fresh citrus aroma when in bloom.

Smart Phone Holder

As seen slung across the hips of celebs like Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and more. Bandolier has accumulated an impressive following over their crossbody phone cases and wrist pouches. This matching set comes with the signature crossbody holder and coordinating phone and AirPod pouches. For those rare and magical moments when you’re running out without the kids and only need your phone and a few extras to leave the house, Bandolier has you covered.

Relatable Read

Laughter can be great medicine, especially for sleep-deprived new moms in the throes of early parenthood. Mommy Cusses by Serena Dorman will make you laugh so you don’t cry—or maybe cry less—while offering solidarity, sarcasm, and relatable content peppered with profanity that will entertain and help you feel validated in this whole parenting gig. If you need relief (especially the comedic kind), this hilarious book is a great pick.

Pretty Coffee Cups

You reach for a coffee mug daily, so it might as well make your morning cup of joe even more satisfying. Add sparkle and style to the start of the day with these crystal Godinger coffee mugs. They boast a sleek design and a sturdy frame that’s still easy to hold in one hand while cradling a baby in the other. This set of four mugs is ideal for hot beverages and ups the elegance of your open shelving.

Elevated Sheets

Another great way to prioritize your sleep quality is by investing in higher-end sheets. Even if you’re still waking up with a newborn or struggling with postpartum insomnia, knowing you have better-than-your-average bedding may help give you a better-than-your-average night of rest. Boll & Branch specializes in buttery, breathable sheets made from 100% organic cotton that softens with every wash. We’re especially fond of the hemmed detail on this set that gives off luxury hotel vibes.

Mail-In Wardrobe

Curating a postpartum closet can be a real chore. The high price tags and lack of time are both deterrents, but it’s also common for new moms to wonder who they are after having a baby, what their new style is, and how to adequately express themselves on the outside—all while adjusting to a changing body. Armoire Unlimited offers a rental wardrobe program that uses a recommendation algorithm and a team of personal stylists to choose the best pieces for you each month. They offer a wide variety of brands and items, unlimited swaps, and flexible returns.

Framed Memory

If dining at renowned restaurants is something you enjoy, commemorate your next meal with a hand-drawn sketch from All The Restaurants. Big-name establishments in Paris, London, New York, and Napa Valley are preserved and printed on museum-quality paper and signed by the author. Each edition is strictly limited to 365 copies, which the creator says signifies the need to remember that days are numbered and meant to be savored.

Fragrance Sampler

Choosing a new signature scent is a big decision, but perfumes are too pricey for shopping around by the bottle. This perfume sampler by Maison Margiela is inspired by timeless moments and is meant to help users discover and associate a scent with their personal history. With fragrances like Jazz Club, Sailing Day, and Under the Lemon Trees, there’s much to discover in each memory box without the pressure to commit before knowing it suits you well.

Wooden Bookmark

Calling all bedtime readers: If your nightstand currently holds a half-read novel with too many dog-eared pages, you could benefit from COLwood Craft’s wooden bookmark on Etsy. The triangular design makes the perfect landing spot for books, and the inner compartment can hold reading glasses, headphones, or anything else you might need to slow down and enjoy a good read.

At-Home Course

Busy parents know that finding time to pursue new or current passions can be tricky, but that doesn’t make post-baby learning any less important. MasterClass offers online sessions from some of the biggest industry names, ranging from food, art, design, business, tech, wellness, and more. Whether you’re seeking entertainment and inspiration or want to hone in on a craft, MasterClass is an excellent resource for “bite-sized” lessons you can accomplish on your own time, and new episodes are added weekly.