2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

By Published On: November 21st, 2022

All the toys, books, and more that will bring a smile to their face for their first holiday season.

We know you want to spoil your new baby with great gifts this year, but sometimes, the smallest recipients are the hardest to shop for. What are babies interested in? They can’t exactly tell you if they like music or stuffed farm animals. And while you’re so busy as a new parent, you probably don’t have much extra time to brainstorm baby gift ideas. That’s why we pulled together some much-need inspo using the gift-giving strategy of buying something they’ll want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. Happy shopping!

Something They Want

Dynamic play gym 

Babies grow fast, and that’s why we always appreciate products that grow with your baby. The Fisher-Price 3-In-1 Crawl & Play Activity Gym Transforming Play Mat seamlessly transitions from on-their-back to on-their-tummy play, and once your cutie can crawl, the play gym becomes an indoor playhouse. Plus, the play mat is machine washable and comes with five toys for extended, engaging play. Ages 0 months and up; $75

Wooden treehouse tower

This silly cause-and-effect game will have your baby smiling as they watch their spherical forest friends slide down the Melissa and Doug Rollables Treehouse Twirl. Just grab the soft raccoon or fox (great for fine motor skills), drop them into the wooden treehouse, and watch them tumble through the trees. Ages 9 months to 2 years; $33

Multi-sensory baby toy

The Manhattan Toy Whoozit is a funny favorite that is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face—and they’ll see it! We love this sensory toy because mirrors encourage babies’ development and help them practice visual tracking as they scope out a familiar face. Flip the happy creature’s red nose so your baby can see the mirror and their reflection for a fun game of peek-a-boo. Each of Whoozit’s seven arms has a noisemaker, and can later be stuffed into internal pockets for the sake of playroom tidiness. Ages 0 months and up; $30

Smart stuffed animal

This puppy has plenty of tricks up its sleeves. The LeapFrog My Pal Scout Smarty Paws is a new and improved relaunch of the beloved pup. Simply touch Scout’s techy paws and ears to play music and games, practice mindfulness, and learn about spelling, counting, emotions, and more. Plus, by connecting Scout to a smart device, you can even program the pooch to say your child’s name. Ages 6 months and up; $25

Oversized stacker

Odds are your sprout already loves playing with a standard-sized ring tower, so they won’t believe their eyes when they unwrap one that sits at eye level. The Lakeshore Learning Giant Washable Fruit Stacker is 18 inches tall and comes with six yummy-looking fruit slices. After endless rounds of play, you can pop the plush rings in the washing machine. Ages 0 months and up; $60

Water mat

Make tummy time or upright play a fun sensory experience with the HABA Koala Water Play Mat. The koala has a transparent, water-filled tummy that is surrounded by a furry body. The shapes in the water move around when your babe pushes and squishes, and a crinkle sound is made when they grab the fabric. When it’s time to clean up, simply remove the insert and pour out the water. Ages 6 to 18 months; $40


The GUND Baby Fox in a Box is a calm twist on a beloved-but-intense classic. Your little one can just tap this soft Jack in the Box (no cranking necessary), and a friendly fox will slowly pop up. (Not to worry, it’s more of a game of peek-a-boo than a jump scare.) Press the “Sing” button to listen to a sweet little song. Ages 0 months and up; $45

Musical wobble toy

The Fat Brain Toys Tobble Tones engages baby’s eyes and ears to make tummy time an enthralling learning experience about cause and effect. When your curious cutie pushes the side of the toy, it rocks back and forth, causing the mallet inside to knock on the musical notes on either side of the transparent baby toy. Ages 6 months and up; $17

Swinging stuffy

Perhaps even more so than the cuddly organic cotton stuffed animal that your babe won’t want to let go of, we love the packaging of the Apple Park Woodland Pals Plush Fawn. The eco-friendly crate has a swing for the baby deer to sit on. Hold onto it until your little one gets a little older and can use the setting as a part of their imaginative play. Ages 6 months and up; $42

Developmental toy subscription

Your baby will enjoy new presents long past the holiday season with a subscription to the Lovevery The Looker Play Kit. Every two months, a box will be delivered full of goodies that engage your little one’s senses and encourage development during playtime. Wondering why each toy was chosen? We love that kits come with a resource guide for parents and caregivers to learn about the developmental benefits of each item. Ages 0 months and up; $80 per kit

Something They Need

Tummy time toy

Your mini mover can strengthen their muscles and practice their crawling form with the Crawligator. A resurrection of a classic, your parents may even remember this contraption from the ’60s. One grandma decided to create a new, safer version after her grandchild was born and she realized the Crawligator had disappeared from the market. Simply place your baby on top of the alligator on the carpet for stationary tummy time, or move it to a hardwood floor and roll the gator around. You can use the tail to “steer,” or baby can start pushing and kicking on their own (under your supervision, of course). Genius! Ages 4 to 12 months; $88

Teething rattle

The Itzy Ritzy Rattle Pal is a physical and cognitive win for teething babes. Designed with multiple materials, baby can have different sensory experiences as they grab this teether and soothe their gums. The sleepy koala hugging the teether is a rattle, which is both fun and educational for your little learner. Rattles engage their ears while teaching them that movement can create noise. Ages 0 months and up; $17

Car mirror

With the BenBat Baby Car Mirror, you can still see your rear-facing babe as you go for a ride while they can enjoy seeing some smiling animals. Songs and LED lights (which are extra helpful at night) make the product even more entertaining for fussy little ones. Keep the remote in your cup holder, and you will be able to easily adjust the volume, lights, and music when safe to do so. Plus, the music will automatically shut off after 15 minutes in case the motion of the car has gently lulled your newbie to sleep. Ages 0 months and up; $36

Nesting bath toy

Dr. Brown’s isn’t just for bottles anymore! The pediatrician-recommended brand has launched a line of sustainable bath toys that is “plastic neutral,” meaning that for every ounce of plastic used, an ounce is collected from the ocean and recycled. Dr. Brown’s CleanUp Float & Hatch Dino Eggs Nesting Bath Toy holds your baby’s attention during bath time while being low-profile enough to keep them (mostly) still. Ages 6 months and up; $13

Giraffe blankie

The precious Pottery Barn Kids Giraffe Heirloom Baby Blanket is perfect as a receiving blanket, stroller blanket, for couch cuddles, or for your baby to sleep with, so long as they’re over 12 months old. The blanket has beautifully knit textured designs on the front, and a plush, sherpa backing. Personalize it with baby’s name or initials (for an extra cost) to make it oh-so-special for your one-and-only, or feel good knowing that this high-quality, gender-neutral keepsake can be passed on to siblings. Ages 12 months and up; $80

Foam floor tiles

Once your young tot starts to scoot and crawl, you’ll want to cover their play area with floor tiles. We love the Skip Hop Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles, which can be arranged in several designs to match your aesthetic. Ages 10 months and up; $95

Something To Wear

Slip-free socks

You’re probably aware by now that Bombas has a cult-like following of adults who swear by the comfy, compressive, and charitable socks. But did you know they now have a line for tiny toes? We love this Bombas Baby’s First Year Sock Pack which includes four pairs of regular Bombas socks for ages 0-6M, and four additional pairs of grippy socks for when baby starts standing. Plus, for every pair purchased (baby size or otherwise), Bombas donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter. Ages 0 to 12 months; $52 for 8

Snuggly snowsuit

Babies can safely join the snowy season fun with the Gap Baby ColdControl Max Snowsuit. With a water-resistant exterior and a fully lined interior, your baby will feel cozy in the cold. And since the suit is made from recycled materials, you will feel good about the purchase. Plus, who can say no to baby clothes with adorable little bear ears? Ages 0 to 24 months; $70

Cozy vest

A vest is a must for winter months. It’s perfect for layering in chillier climates, and not too hot in warmer ones. You can wrap your little one in a trendy teddy sherpa with this machine-washable Carter’s Baby Fuzzy Sherpa Vest. $50

Cloth diapers

If you are Team Cloth Diapers, start the new year with a new set of diapers. Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers have earned five thousand five-star reviews. These pocket diapers come with four-layer bamboo polyester inserts, and they are adjustable, fitting babies that are 10-36 pounds (that’s basically newborn to potty training). Ages 0 months and up; $70 for 7


We hope they won’t be up watching the ball drop, but your babe can still get festive! They probably won’t be too happy wearing 2023 glasses or headbands, so they can ring in 2023 with ClassyBabyToddler’s Hello 2023 Baby Onesie instead. Also available as a short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt. Ages 0 months and up; From $9

Something To Read

Singalong story 

Sung to the tune of the famed song by the same name, The More We Get Together is a singalong adventure about friends who work together to improve their neighborhood. Singing is an important part of your baby’s language development, and the themes of teamwork, activism, and caring for the earth will be relevant long past their baby days. Ages 0 months and up; $11

Inspiring board book

Malala Yousafzai shares her story with young audiences in her first board book, My Name is Malala. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate takes readers through her experience as an activist, a friend, a sibling, a reader, and more. It is a relatable tale of an exceptional person that is sure to inspire the next generation. Following the story is a brief biography of Malala for parents who want to share more about the activist as their child grows up. Ages 0 months to 3 years; $9

Soft sensory baby book

The soft, multi-fabric Jellycat Jungly Tails features the tails of different animals hanging off of each page. Your bitty bookworm can grab this baby book from a page or a crinkly tail, exploring different textures and sounds and improving their fine motor skills. Plus, the velcro loop up top means you can strap this story to a car seat or stroller for on-the-go reading. Ages 0 months and up; $19

Story and snuggle gift set

Slumberkins was founded by mom friends, one a special education teacher and one a family therapist, who wanted to create early emotional learning tools for children. Each storybook centers around a theme of social-emotional growth and comes with an accompanying character. Your babe can snuggle up with their Yak Kin (stuffed animal) or Yak Snuggler (lovey) as you read about self-acceptance. Ages 0 months to 3 years; $48.

Interactive book and puzzle 

Bababoo and Friends is a woman-owned business that offers mix-and-match books and toys that create an immersive reading experience meant to support emotional and physical development. Little Worm Plays Hide-and-Seek is an interactive peekaboo book (frankly, a missed opportunity to call it a “peekabook”) about social behavior that pairs perfectly with the Treehouse Discovery Game Puzzle. The puzzle game also reveals hidden friends when your little learner uses their fine motor skills. Book, Ages 0 months and up; $9; Puzzle, Ages 12 months and up; $22.

Bilingual bestseller

Jimmy Fallon, of Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada fame, and Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the Block is now Jenny from the Books!) teamed up to write Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure. So go ahead, you can sneak a linguistic lesson into storytime. As the lovable main character, Pollo, goes out and plays, readers learn phrases in both English and Spanish. Ages 0 months and up; $19

Book about books

If you want your baby to follow in your bibliophile footsteps, reach for We Love Books! As they learn about literature, they are exposed to a board book that bucks convention. Instead of being a bundle of square pages, this story is made of wiggly-shaped pages that, when closed, create one holistic image of bookstores, libraries, genres, and more. Ages 0 months to 3 years; $9

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