2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

By Published On: December 9th, 2022

The perfect gifts for the mom too busy making the holidays magical for others to make a wishlist for herself.

There’s something about buying a gift for moms that feels extra difficult. You want it to be useful, meaningful, and something she would see as too much of a splurge to get for herself. And while she would love a crayon drawing from her children, a kid-free morning for a solo workout—or let’s be honest, to sleep in well past breakfast—that’s not quite the note you’re trying to hit with this present. The goal: Find a unique gift she might not have thought to ask for and that she’ll gush over.

Whether shopping for your own mother, a mother-like figure in your life, or the mother to your children, these thoughtfully priced gifts are here to spark creativity and save the day if you are out of ideas this holiday season.

Gifts Under $30

Guided journal

This is an ideal gift for anyone with good intentions of starting a journaling habit but struggles with the daily commitment and blank pages. This guided journal features a weekly prompt to create a list for every week of the year. There are several of the 52 Lists journals, including the original 52 Lists Project and 52 Lists for Happiness. The beautifully illustrated journal with metallic foil will be a keepsake once the year is up. This is one journaling challenge that’s going to stick. $17

Skincare gift set

Every skincare routine needs a cleanser and a moisturizer. The Sephora Collection Wishing You Essentials Skincare Kit offers both of these plus an added glow-inducing serum. The small size ensures Mom can test it out before deciding if she’d like to invest in the full size of any of the three products. However, we’re pretty confident she’ll fall in love. The AHA/BHA cleanser sloughs off dead skin and the Nourishing Moisturizing has prebiotics to protect the skin barrier and imparts incredible moisture. It’s the dynamic trio skin needs to stay fresh and glowy all winter long. $20

“Mama” baseball hat

A baseball hat is a universal sign in mom-world that we haven’t brushed our hair and we’re hiding greasy roots—but that’s what makes this hat all the more perfect. The Ingrid & Isabel Mama Baseball Hat proudly proclaims your mama status and you can even turn the look into a matching family moment with the dad cap and babe toddler hat. $26

New reads

Before she had kids, the mama in your life might have pushed off her own bedtime in exchange for happy hour fun or just one more episode of her favorite show. But times have changed. Now, she can’t wait until it’s time to crawl into bed for the night, but with a new book, she can still enjoy a little me-time in bed before falling asleep. If you’re not sure about her reading preference, here are a few crowd-pleasers: the page-turner The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan, the viral rom-com Book Lovers by Emily Henry, and the thrilling The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley. From $10

Gifts Under $50

Luxurious lipstick

Sometimes you need a little luxury amongst the crumbs and cries of parenthood. My favorite splurges come in a tube with gorgeous packaging, like the Gucci Glow & Care Shine Lipstick. The creamy formula is super comfortable on the lips with a high-shine finish. There are 19 pretty shades to choose from—I’m partial to “They Met in Argentina”, a pinky coral in a floral tube, or “Diana Amber” for a festive blue-based red. $45

On-the-go hydration

What the New Balance sneaker is to dads, the Stanley Tumbler is to moms—it’s a gift that welcomes you to the club of parenthood. Jokes aside, this is a great buy—the large size encourages breastfeeding mamas to drink more water, the double-walled stainless steel keeps drinks hot or cold for hours (no more room-temperature coffee!), it’s dishwasher-safe, and the thoughtfully designed tumbler fits in your car cup holder. There are many colors to choose from in the 40-ounce size, including emerald green, rose gold, and pale blue. $45

Body care for every skin type

Pipette beauty products were designed for pregnancy, postpartum, and use on baby’s delicate skin. With that mission in mind, the brand carefully selected ingredients ensuring products are hypoallergenic, vegan, free from synthetic fragrances, and created in partnership with dermatologists. The Pipette To Mama With Love gift box contains their bestselling body wash, body lotion, belly butter, and a dry brush. This is a particularly nice gift for a new mom—after all, why should baby get all the bathtime fun? $48

Custom jewelry

One of my favorite December traditions is choosing a word for the upcoming year and buying a necklace of that word. (2022’s word was “adventure,” in case you were wondering.) For three years running, I have purchased my necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy because the quality is amazing and I love supporting small businesses. You can customize every detail from the metal—silver, gold, or rose gold—length (14 to 22 inches), font, and what it says. Consider children’s names, “Mama,” or try your hand at your own word of the year—like grow, magic, or love. $42

Gifts Under $100

Luxe pajama set

I bought a set of these J.Crew pajamas for my sister when she became a first-time mom and they were an absolute hit. The button-front allows for easy access for night feedings, while the thick material and collar look nice enough to be seen outside of the bedroom—like at the breakfast table when you’re staying at the in-laws or for pictures on Christmas morning. Available in sizes XXS-3X and several fun colors, this is one pick that every mom will enjoy. $98

Moisturized hands

An unexpected side effect of mom life: the endless sanitizing, hand-washing, and dishwashing leave your hands drier than a good Chardonnay. The L’Occitane Hand Cream Collection is a favorite of mine, particularly the almond scent, and each product does an excellent job of wrapping cracked, dry hands in rich, velvety moisture thanks to shea butter and coconut oil. This set of six allows you to keep one in every purse, diaper caddy, diaper bag, and glovebox, or split them up and gift one to each of your mom friends. $62

Super comfy slippers

In case you hadn’t heard: UGGs are back in style. The UGG Scuffette II slipper has topped wish lists for its uber fluffy shearling lining, soft suede, and rubber sole—ideal for around the house or standing on your stoop waiting for school bus pick-up. They are available in neutrals, like taupe, gray, and tan, as well as in more eye-catching colors like pink or red. $95

Guaranteed good hair day

On hair-wash days, Mama needs a solution to dry, style, and get out the door (or get to bed), ASAP. This beloved tool is the solution. The Revlon Hot Air Brush can blow dry, volumize, and style in one quick and easy step. And for anyone who has struggled to maneuver a blow-dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other, this tool combines them. There are three heat settings, plus a cool shot button to set. We promise this hot tool is about to become your gift recipient’s right-hand man. $75

Gifts Under $150

Cozy coat

A rite of passage for me every fall is to buy a new teddy jacket—I have half and full zips in a few colors and they end up being my most worn coats each season. The Athleta Tugga Jacket has a sherpa fabric made from recycled water bottles that is warm, soft, and oh-so-cozy. It’s the ideal item to throw on for a chilly morning at the playground or running errands. The size-inclusive brand is sold in XXS-3X in four colors. $129

Foam roll massage

In only a few minutes per session, you can work out the kinks in your neck, the tightness in your hips, and the soreness in your lower back. Yep, we’re talking about a foam roller, but not just any ole model, the TriggerPoint Vibrating Foam Roller is next-level. Foam rolling helps with muscle recovery and aids in blood circulation for more flexibility and mobility, and a vibrating foam roller does all of that even more effectively. There are four vibrational frequencies and a rechargeable battery on this model. One note: Foam rollers of any kind are not recommended for use during pregnancy, so save this device for postpartum. $105

Heat control smart mug

I know, I know, the price on this one is steep for a coffee mug. You’re thinking it better brew a cup and deliver it to me in bed for that price, right? While I wish this was an Uber Eats on-demand situation, it’s not, but the Ember Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug is still worth the money, and here’s why. How many times a day do you (or the sleep-deprived mom in your life) reheat a cup of coffee before giving up and pouring it down the drain? I bet the answer is more than zero. This mug sits on a base that can keep your coffee to your desired temperature (between 120 and 145 F) for as long as you need it via a Bluetooth-enabled app. Your drink will stay hot to the very last sip—and not even drink delivery can do that. $130

Whether you need something small for a stocking or your mom friend or are looking to splurge on an item for your partner, this list can serve as inspiration for the best mom you know. They’re gift ideas that all moms will appreciate, but may not ask for themselves. You’re going to earn extra brownie points if you wrap up one of these thoughtful gifts.

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