15 Playroom Ideas For Organization, Fun, Decor, and More

By Published On: August 17th, 2023

These finds will help you create a play space that is stylish, functional, and—most importantly—that your little one will love.

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We’ve all seen the stunning playrooms of Pinterest and Instagram, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered to yourself things like: How in the world do they keep it so clean? Where are the dried-up Play-Doh stains on the carpet? I’m sorry, but is that a rock climbing wall?! 

It’s important to remember that the social media-worthy playroom is always staged—somewhere off to the side, just outside the frame, is undoubtedly a big baby bouncer made of orange and red plastic, a pile of naked Barbies (why are they always naked?), or some LEGO creation that if taken apart will result in tears of utter catastrophe. Even though we’re made to think otherwise, regardless of whether there is a cohesive theme or a carefully thought-out color scheme, a good play space is simply somewhere little ones can create, play pretend, explore, and have fun at home.

Still, there’s no reason why you can’t have a little bit of both—a playroom that is fun for your child and is aesthetically pleasing for the grown-ups in the home. Will this play area end up looking like Pinterest perfection? Unless you’re an interior designer, then probably not. But, with the right furniture, artwork, storage, and toys, you can give your kiddo a safe place to learn and have fun without totally throwing off your home’s decor.

Table and Chairs Set

A little table and chairs set is great for coloring, playing with clay or Play-Doh, stacking blocks, and snack time. The style options are endless, but the LÄTT Children’s Table and Two Chairs set from IKEA gets our vote because of its low price, simple style, and durability (I’ve had this set for my kids for six years now, and it’s still going strong). It’s made from pine wood and fiberboard, and it cleans up well with a wet towel and some soap and water. The table measures 24.75 inches by 18.87 inches by 17.75 inches, and the chairs measure 11 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches. Also, unlike most IKEA products, this little set is quick and easy to assemble.

Tent Bookshelf

If you’re into the sleek, Scandinavian aesthetic, are going for a camping or outdoorsy theme, or just like things that are cute, then consider adding the South Shore Sweedi Tent Bookcase to your child’s playroom. It stands just under five feet tall and has three shelves for book and toy storage and display. As with all bookshelves, this is a tipping risk, but it comes with the hardware needed to safely secure it to a wall to avoid accidents.

Whimsical Art

A creative way to decorate a space in a kid-friendly way without it looking like a daycare classroom is with art like this Ballerina Print from Lindsay Letters Co. I have this print hanging in my 6-year-old daughter’s room, and we both love it. I like that it combines some of her favorite things (pink and ballet) with a more elevated style. It’s hung on a gallery wall alongside framed pictures of a glittery cupcake, a gold foil mermaid, a rainbow in shades of pink, and a giant roller skate—and it fits right in. Some other amazing Lindsay Letters Co. kid and baby prints that will look incredible in a playroom (or a nursery) include Big, Colorful Sky, Rah Rah Rocket, Bolts, and Science Is Cool.

DIY Ice Cream Truck

It’s a toy and an activity all in one! Mondo Llama’s Color Your Own Ice Cream Truck takes the concept of playing with a cardboard box to a whole new level. Each piece of cardboard offers plenty of space to color and create the ice cream truck of your child’s dreams with images of popsicles, ice cream cones, donuts, and other tasty treats. Once assembled, this truck stands just under three feet tall, 31 inches wide, and around three and a half feet deep. It also features a swinging door for getting in and out of the truck, a serving counter, an “Open/Close” sign, and a working ventilation window on the top. The suggested age for this activity is 6 years old and up, but if you have a younger child who loves to color, it’s perfectly safe for them, too (plus, regardless of your kiddo’s age or ability, you’ll undoubtedly end up being the one who assembles the truck anyway).

Activity Table

What is black, white, and fun all over? The Wonder & Wise by Asweets Awesome Activity Table, that’s what. Packed with fun things to keep your little one entertained, this table features a mirror, a maze, a shape sorter puzzle, a train set, stacking toys, gear twists, and more. Plus, simply lift the maze and stow away all the loose toys in the attached bag until it’s time to play again. This table is made from a mixture of rubberwood, cherry wood, metal, and cotton, can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and is safe for tots as young as 18 months old.


I’m sure you’re probably wondering why a bed is on a list of playroom ideas—but hear me out. The Casita Twin Floor Bed by P’kolino can serve multiple purposes in a space like this. Pile it with pillows to serve as a fun alternative to a sofa. Its house shape makes it a perfect prop for playing pretend or creating a cozy fort by draping a blanket over it. Plus, it’s a great spot for a nap during quiet time. This pinewood bed stands a little over five feet tall and is a safe sleep space for kids aged one year and up.

Stacking Bricks

You know those cardboard stacking bricks that are designed to look like actual bricks? Kids love playing with them, but they are big and hard to stow away when they’re not in use, so if red doesn’t fit in with your room decor, they really stand out. For something a little more visually appealing, consider the Starter Block Set from Bricklettes. The set comes with 10 8-inch x 4.5-inch x 4-inch bricks that are designed to look like white marble instead of red brick. They’re lightweight and durable, so your little one can build a tall tower and knock it over without damaging the blocks. Plus, each block is strong enough to hold up to 150 pounds. The only caveat is that these should not get wet, as too much moisture will ruin the bricks (it’s still safe for you to wipe them down with a damp cloth, though).

Planet Playroom Light

While definitely a splurge, if you’re looking for that one piece of decor to pull the whole room together, you should consider this adorable Planet Pendant light from West Elm. It features a glass globe pendant light with an acrylic disc around it that’s designed to look like planetary rings (Saturn). The ceiling fixture is made from iron with a brass finish, and the light comes with everything you need to mount it to the ceiling. Love the look but don’t have a place to hang the light? There’s a smaller tabletop version available as well.

Colorful Rug

For a fun pop of color, and a soft play to play, add a rug to your child’s play space. There are all kinds of fun options out there, including the Kalliope Ashleigh Kids Carved Stripe Multi Rug from Rugs USA. The medium pile rug features an eye-catching design with muted shades of pink, blue, yellow, grey, and green. Plus, as of publishing, this four-by-six-foot rug is on sale for under $77—which is a great deal. One note, if you plan to use this in a room without carpet, be sure to use a rug pad underneath to avoid slipping.

Acrylic Floating Book Shelves

Whether you want to create a reading nook or just a cool way to display your child’s books, the Sooyee Acrylic Floating Book Shelves are a stylish (and affordable) way to do it. Available in packs of three, four, six, or eight, these shelves have a clear design so that your little one can always see the covers of their favorite books—making it easier for them to pick which one they want you to read to them. The shelves are 15 inches long and 1.75 inches deep, which is enough to hold between two and four books (or possibly more), depending on their size. The shelves arrive fully assembled and come with all of the hardware needed to hang them on the wall.

Toy Storage Bench

Toy storage is a must in a playroom, and it’s best when it can also double as a functional piece of furniture. The Jocelyn Storage Bench and Coat Rack by RealRooms will make a great addition to your kiddo’s space because it offers six individual storage spaces, a bench with a cushion for cozy reading time, a little tabletop to stack picture books, and a rack to hang superhero capes and feather boas. The vertical shelves along the side are adjustable for custom sizing and the cubbies along the bottom of the bench are perfect for rotating toys in and out of or for cube storage (just note that you’ll need 10-inch cubes). Plus, it’s available in four stylish color options.


From helping them learn their ABCs to practicing handwriting to playing “school” with their stuffed animals (or siblings), a chalkboard is a staple piece in a playroom. Any style will do, but we love this House Shaped Chalkboard by Creative Co-Op because it adds a little extra fun to the classic piece of decor. It measures 25.5 inches by 29.75 inches and has a wood frame that adds a little rustic feel, and offers a ledge for storing sticks of chalk between play.

Play Kitchen

A playroom with opportunities for pretend play is sure to keep a little kid occupied. Kitchen sets are always a hit, like this Play Kitchen from Tiny Land. Made from high-quality materials, this kitchen features legs with adjustable height so that it can grow with your child (best for kids between 3 and 7 years old, based on height options). The set includes a stove with knobs that turn, lights (with auto shut-off), sounds, and a range hood for extra authenticity. There’s also an oven, refrigerator—complete with a pretend water and ice dispenser, microwave, faucet, sink, and shelves for storage. What we really like about this set, though, is that it includes essential accessories like an apron and chef’s hat, a pot and pan, plates, pretend food, serving utensils, a cup, and play ice. Your kids will absolutely love it.

Kids Art Display

This Wood Gallery Art Rail from Crate & Kids is the perfect way to display all of those drawings, paintings, and coloring pages your child proudly presents to you. It’s three feet long and is made up of three sections equipped with magnets to keep the art in place. It also has a little bit of depth to it (1.25 inches), so you can prop a few small things on top as well. Not only is this display just cute in general, but it’s also a great way to add some decor and fill up space on a blank wall. Rotate your child’s art as often as you like and change up the playroom’s look along with it.

Puppet Show Theatre

A little over the top? Sure. A lot of fun? Absolutely. The Le Toy Van Showtime Puppet Theatre is a fun way to keep your kids entertained for years. Put on your own puppet show for your curious toddler, then sit back and enjoy the productions they put on for you as they get older. The theatre features a stage door, two chalkboards, stage drapes, a black backdrop curtain, a rolling curtain, a ticket window, and a snack window. It measures 16.1 inches by 27.5 inches by 48 inches and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.