Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet Review

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Out of the Box

The Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet arrives in three easy to assemble pieces and includes a baby safe fitted sheet. Instructions are simple and clear, but they’re not even necessary for assembly. The pieces logically snap together, and operation is self-explanatory, which is something every parent can appreciate. The baby bassinet is a simple one-step fold and carry solution—compact and portable—in other words, we love it. I would compare it to our beloved playard. The portable folding rocking bassinet, however, is much more efficient and perfectly meets the needs of our 6-month-old. Because it’s super light and convenient, the bassinet readily finds its way into every room of our home.

Foldaway Rocking Bassinet Features

Despite being compact, nimble and foldable, the baby bassinet is high-quality and very sturdy. It gives me confidence that it is a safe haven for my son to snooze. It fits perfectly by my rocker in the living room. I use it daily, even though it’s made for travel.

I love the unisex neutral colors, available in Fletcher or Crosby color schemes perfect for a baby girl or boy. From a bedside bassinet to to a living room playtime bassinet—it is quite attractive wherever we use it in our home. The mattress pad at the base of the bassinet is supportive, not too soft and waterproof (or at least formula-proof, as we have learned). At either end of the bassinet are breathable mesh sides that help improve air flow, keep baby cool and comfortable, and keep him in sight so my wife and I can rest easy.

On the Go

When visiting family and friends, it pops into place quickly and creates a safe napping environment anywhere we go. It also requires a lot less space in a closet or trunk than the play yard and is much easier to setup and put away. I want to take a vacation with it somewhere because it could be the perfect traveler portable bassinet, but don’t find myself traveling too much with a newborn.

Another key feature of the bassinet is that it can rock or stay in stationary mode. The legs convert from one mode to the other with a twist of the base. We mostly use the stationary position with our little one because once I place my son in the basket, he immediately rolls and slumps into one side. If he rolls or moves in his sleep it rocks over to the other side and causes him to wake. But I could see the rocking option being a great way to soothe baby and help him drift off with mom or dad within arm’s reach to gently sway the bassinet. You just need to switch the base to stationary mode once they fall asleep.

The Fine Print

I enjoy using the co-sleeper bassinet—and it seems like our son enjoys sleeping in it, too. It is a great alternative to a crib or bulkier playard, particularly for younger babies. I only wish the mattress size was larger and I could use it longer. (The manufacturer advises use from birth to 15 pounds.)

The portable folding rocking bassinet and co-sleeper is available and usually in stock at multiple outlets, including Target and Amazon, making it a solid choice for a baby registry or wishlist item. A one year warranty is also included. Overall, the Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet is a great solution for newborns, so they can stick close to mom and dad—whether as a bedside sleeper at night or around the house for napping and playtime during the day.

Price: $79.95

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