Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

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We have been so thankful for the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet. It has done double-duty at our house as a reversible bassinet—first as a bedside sleeper in our room, and it has now found its place in our living room for convenience as a nap spot and diaper changer for our little one.

Graco Dream Suite Assembly

The Dream Suite Bassinet arrived somewhat put together. In total, it took my husband and me about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble. The instruction manual was very helpful providing product details and step-by-step guidance with clear illustrations. There were a few snaps and clicks that were more difficult to accomplish, but it all came together with a little elbow grease and a Philips screwdriver.

Fully assembled, the baby bassinet is about 2 feet x 3 feet—small enough to squeeze next to a bedside, but large enough that if you have a smaller room it could be a challenge to maneuver around. It is very sleek and does not have any handles to bump into or feet sticking out to trip over. (I am very thankful for this at 2 a.m. feeding time!) The overall aesthetic appeal is clean, simple and minimal in the mason fashion I received.

I was nervous to put our little into the new bassinet, as any parent knows a change in environment is tricky, to say the least. The first reaction I got was a smile—a very good start. After some time in the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, I flipped it over to the changing station. Even with baby in one arm, I was able to squeeze the handle and quickly turn it over. The bassinet mattress turns with it, so you don’t have to move that, too. It’s so easy!

The suite has a firm, but soft mattress that can be wiped clean. The mattress cover is removable and machine washable, of course, as it takes the biggest hit when it comes to messes. (All baby gear incurs at least one diaper blowout, right?) All other surfaces can be wiped down with a little soap and a damp cloth with warm water, no harsh cleaners or bleach needed.

Bassinet Features

The suite also has a 2-speed vibration to help soothe, a canopy to shade extra light, soft toys to entertain, and mesh sides for greater airflow and visibility. The bassinet comes with locking wheels to stay securely in place, but it also rolls for ease of use in different locations around the house.

A perk is that it holds up to 30 pounds, so we can continue to use it for diaper changes even when our little guy transitions out of a bedside bassinet and into his crib full time. (It is not recommended to be used as a sleeper for infants heavier than 15 pounds or younger than 3 months, though. Some customer reviews claim their mattress started to sag and failed to stay flat even if their babies were within the proper weight limit, resulting in babies getting too close to the sides of the bassinet, which is something to watch out for.) Another helpful feature is the large storage basket underneath to keep extra diapers, wipes, blankets, baby clothes … all the must-haves.

This is not a product that I would recommend traveling with because, although it is not overly heavy, it does not fold compactly and wouldn’t pass as a portable bassinet or changing table. It’s a great option for those who live in two-story (or three-story) homes or if you plan on room-sharing with your baby. It could even give baby a spot to sleep and be changed at the grandparents’ house.

We were pleased to see the price point on this item as we feel it offers great function ability. It comes in three styles: brown/cream, blue/green, and gray/green—all simple and inoffensive. I would recommend this product, particularly, if you’re looking to save space with its all-in-one capabilities.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, $169.99