Chicco 123 Activity Walker

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Walking?! No way! Our little baby girl is our first child, and I have to imagine that (like every other new parent) it’s hard to even grasp the concept that this precious, once helpless and immobile baby will ever be on the go. However, it happens. They grow and grow, and before you know it, they are pulling up on everything and cruising around the room. Looks like it’s time for a walker!

I was so excited when the Chicco 123 Activity Walker showed up at our front door. This walker has three different stages of use, based on a child’s development and level of ability. The best part about this product is that it grows with the child. There is no need to go out and purchase yet another “must-have” item to boost your baby’s development.

When I opened the box and pulled out the pieces, I was encouraged by the fact that there weren’t really that many parts to assemble. I began with Stage 1, Walker Mode. This is for children who are able to sit upright unassisted but unable to walk. The first direction was to insert the front swivel wheels into the corners of the frame. I thought this was odd because as I examined it more closely, the wheels were already on the frame of the walker. One less step for me I guess!

The directions went on step by step to complete the Stage 1 assembly with no problem. The only other thing I was slightly confused about was the electronic play tray. It came out of the box attached to the tray support but has to come off the tray support to allow the actual tray to lock in place. The directions did not explain how to remove the electronic play tray, which took me a few minutes to figure out. I eventually just kind of pulled up on the sides, and it popped off. Once the tray was in place, it wasn’t difficult to snap back on top.

Stage 2, First Steps. This assembly was even easier. I like how there are two levels to adjust the height of the tray support as well as two adjustable positions for the height of the handles. My daughter loves this stage! She looks very proud to be walking around with the help of the walker and absolutely loves the colors, music and sounds from the electronic play tray.

Moving to Stage 3, Ride On Mode; it was a breeze. Although the assembly was incredibly easy, I found the seat is a bit too high for my daughter to use at the moment. Her feet don’t touch the ground when she is on the seat, but I know that when she bigger and ready for this stage, she is going to love it!

I am really impressed with this product, but if there were one small downside to the walker it would be that it is fairly wide. You definitely need to have the room and floor space to use it well. Once they get the hang of steering the walker, you probably have to worry less about getting stuck, but it would be nice to have enough room for them to move around on their own and not have to constantly be re-positioning them away from furniture or the wall.

I would definitely recommend the Chicco 123 Activity Walker as a product that will enhance your child’s development, allow them to utilize it in a variety of ways, and be of use for a long time throughout the three different stages.

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By Maureen