Charlie Crane LEVO Rocker

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The LEVO Rocker from Charlie Crane is one beautiful piece of baby furniture! I was impressed with how it looked online, but it’s even more stunning in person. My husband was able to assemble the rocker pretty easily within a few minutes. We both were impressed with how sleek and sophisticated the wood design is—definitely a nice break from all the plastic we’re used to dealing with when it comes to baby gear.

We have the rocker stationed next to the couch in the living room, and it fits in seamlessly with the rest of our furniture—sometimes I actually forget that it’s meant for our baby!

The rocker is much smaller than the other swings and rockers we have. We traveled to visit friends and family a lot during the holidays, and this was the first thing we packed because it’s not bulky and doesn’t take up very much room. The fabric is machine washable and easy to remove. Unlike other rockers that I can only spot clean, I’m able to toss the entire seat into the wash, which gives this clean freak mama peace of mind.

The rocker moves when your baby moves, so the motion is much subtler and gentler than battery-operated rockers. My 10-week-old daughter has taken several of her morning and afternoon naps in the rocker. The adjustable snap harness fits securely around her waist, and the plush fabric makes it comfortable for her. There aren’t shoulder straps or an infant head insert, however, so I sometimes have to manually readjust her head so it doesn’t flop over to the side too much. Once she is older and has better coordination and head control, I think we will get even more use out of this rocker.

Worth noting: There are no additional features such as sound or vibrating movement. The manufacturer recommends this rocker only be used until 7 months due to its size and the weight of the baby, so it’s not the only rocker we’ll use with our little girl. That being said, it is one of the most well designed and beautiful baby rockers I have ever seen!

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