Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Baby Bouncer

By Published On: September 21st, 2017

The bloom baby coco go is a 3-in-1 lounger, bouncer, and stationary seat. This piece added style and functionality to my life with a newborn. Having an affinity for sleek baby gear, I was pleased to use and review this entertainer. This birchwood lounger is available in natural wood, beach house white wood, and darker cappuccino finish. The machine washable seat pad is 100% organic cotton and comes in three colors, including navy blue organic, frost grey organic, and coconut white organic. You can use this in tandem with the bloom snug (a newborn insert) to help support your newborn’s head. I quickly discovered it’s features were not only attractive but benefitted my chaotic, sleep-deprived days as a new mom.

The bloom coco go 3-in-1 is easy on the eyes as well as the clock. It arrived in a collapsed state and simply needed to be popped open for quick assembly. The seat pad and padded straps were then attached, all-in-all costing us about 15 minutes of our day. The hardest part was figuring out to turn on the two-speed vibration unit (located under the baby seat along the side) and digging up batteries to operate it.

A Baby Bouncer that Grows with Baby

Fit wise, it comes with two height options. My son is on the longer side and quickly outgrew the first position, but once we raised the straps he fit comfortably and is still able to use it. I have to admit it took him a little while to like his baby bouncer. I think as a newborn he just wanted to be held or worn all the time, so separation wasn’t preferable. But once he was able to take in his surroundings a little bit more, he really seemed to enjoy observing his new world while hanging out in his bloom baby bouncer.

It comes with three recline positions: one for sleeping (fully lie flat), one for lounging or relaxing (semi recline) and one for playtime (fixed upright). We love setting it to the play position and encouraging him to interact with us as we cook dinner or read his sister a book. It allows him to be up close and personal with the rest of us, but from his perspective, he has a bit more freedom since he isn’t being carried. He will also fall asleep sometimes, and we can easily adjust it to a sleep-safe position while he naps.

Bloom Baby Bouncer Safety

This lounger comes with a five-point padded safety harness and a two-speed vibration unit. If you appreciate versatility and the ability to convert gear for different uses, this is definitely something you will want to consider adding to your home. The bloom coco go is very compact once collapsed and easy to take with you wherever you go. Should you need to bring your bouncer along for any trip, it comes with a great zipped tote travel bag for easy travel and protection, too. I bring ours along to my moms house for easy breezy transitions between nap and playtime. It could also accompany you to work if baby turns out to be the cutest coworker at your office one afternoon.

Speaking of protection, it’s been pretty easy to care for this rocker. I got two fabric covers (one khaki and one white) but decided to wait on the lighter one until after my little guy is past the excessive spit up phase. I’m thankful for this decision, as we unfortunately had a massive blowout the other day all over our lounger! Luckily, the seat pad is machine washable for simple cleaning. They recommend using a mild detergent and a gentle cycle. The coco go baby bouncer is manufactured to conform with global safety standards, and is built using sustainable woods and recyclable plastics and metals. It is free of lead, BPA, PVC, flame retardants, and formaldehyde.

I truly appreciate my bloom coco go 3-in-1 lounger because it makes my life easier. Sometimes you need a place to put your wee one, and this allows baby to enjoy a natural rocking motion and soothing vibrations while still within eye-view and safely restrained. It isn’t always a miracle worker or a baby whisperer, but it does what it’s supposed to and *entertains* my baby when I can’t. I would definitely recommend this product to others, especially if aesthetic matters—and when does it not?

Although lightweight, this rocker can accompany a child from birth to 25 pounds. It provides snug, superior comfort and is pleasant to look at, too. We are thrilled our son enjoys it, so we can continue to showcase this beauty and benefit from its design.

Price: $180

By Lauren

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