Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Neptune Activity Gym and Saucer

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The Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Neptune Activity Gym and Saucer is perfect for my 5-month-old. She loves grabbing onto the different toys attached to the saucer, and she can entertain herself for a good half hour while in it. She likes to watch the lights on the overhead bar and they help to keep her entertained.

This product was very easy to put together. The instructions were clear, and everything was well-labeled. We didn’t have any trouble getting it assembled, which is helpful with a houseful of kids running around and little time to devote to confusing instruction manuals and complicated setups. We primarily used it in saucer mode, although the activity gym seemed easy enough to set up as well.

My favorite part about the saucer is the music that’s included. The baby likes the lights and sounds, but unlike many other children’s products, the music is easy to listen to—even on repeat.

The saucer easily adjusts to three different height positions, so it can grow with baby. I  appreciated the illustration in the instruction manual that showed how baby’s feet should be when in the saucer. This made it easy to determine which height positions we needed to use. The seat spins 360 degrees, so baby can easily reach all the toys. Our girl is still a bit small and doesn’t know how to make the seat rotate yet, but she’ll love it as she gets bigger. It comes with four extra loops to attach more toys for baby to play with and grab onto.

The positioning of the light bar is great in that it is out in front of baby when she sits in the seat. There are some that have toys or lights dangling overhead, which makes it harder for baby to see without looking straight up. This light bar is positioned in a way that baby can easily see it and interact with it while seated in the saucer.

The Baby Neptune character offers a backlit mirror and an optional connectivity station, so you can connect your smart phone for viewing Baby Einstein content through his belly. We’re on our fourth baby, so bells and whistles like this are lost on us. We’re just looking to keep baby entertained and happy—and the saucer does that well without the complexity of having to attach my phone to it. Personally, I think this is an unnecessary feature, but I’m sure there are people who will enjoy having it as an option.

babyeinstein_gym&saucer3Overall, this toy is very well-designed. From the lights to the toys to the music, everything is well thought out and easy to use. It is easy to wipe the toy area clean, and the seat can be easily cleaned as well. The price of this toy seems comparable with others like it, plus it has the added bonus of being a 2-in-1 with the floor activity mat, which makes it an even better deal. We are quite pleased with this saucer and would definitely recommend it to friends!

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