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"For me, it’s the collapsing of a stroller that always gets sticky. Thankfully, there’s a bright blue handle to help guide you to where you need to be to collapse properly. It has arrows telling you exactly which way to push/pull and can technically be done with one hand."

I have to admit I was not well versed in jogging strollers before reviewing the Thule Urban Glide. Baby equipment adds up, so I initially only acquired a regular, everyday stroller. My husband and I try to make health a priority in our lives, and exercise is certainly something I desire to impart to my children as a pleasure vs. a chore. Thule prides itself on creating products that provide families with solutions to “bring their children with them to live an active life.” This mission statement describes our experience with the Urban Glide jogging stroller, and we are thankful to add it to our daily activities!


I am not a fan of complicated set up. I am not great with putting things together or figuring out how to quickly solve problems with construction. Thankfully, the Thule Urban Glide comes mostly assembled for you, with the components consisting of the carrier, two rear wheels and one front wheel, and requires no additional tools or equipment. Aside from attaching the wheels, the rest of the carrier simply clicks into place and requires adjustments to the handlebars and reclining seat. It’s best to adjust the seat before your baby is strapped in. I tried to adjust the seat upward with my daughter in it, and it was difficult because she’s a chunk!

Assembly was quick (about 15 minutes—because I second guess myself at every step), and the manual was short, sweet and reads easy with step-by-step numbered pictures (real pictures, not drawn illustrations).

Upon assembly, I thought the stroller looked very nice. I like things that look the part, and this did not disappoint. It’s a little large for a single-child stroller (then again most things look this way in our little apartment!), but it fits just fine in the back of our sedan. Unfolding the carrier was simple. It comes folded and latched together with a locking strap. Simply unlock the strap and pop open.

For me, it’s the collapsing of a stroller that always gets sticky. Thankfully, there’s a bright blue handle to help guide you to where you need to be to collapse properly. It has arrows telling you exactly which way to push/pull and can technically be done with one hand. It’s best to lock the stroller back in place with the locking strap to keep it fully compacted. This takes a little bit of muscle to do, as the lock strap is super tight! Side note on the wheels: Don’t forget to check the tire pressure before trying to take it for a stroll. I failed to notice they were low, so my afternoon walk was put on hold until I could find our bike pump!

I am a huge fan of anything that reclines, because naps on the go are sometimes essential. As I mentioned before, the Thule Urban Glide comes with a reclining seat, making it sleep safe for babies. It has a padded, sling style seat and will recline to an almost flat position, relieving the pressure on you baby’s back and allowing proper breathing. Another feature I love is the large view-in adjustable canopy. It helps protect your child from sun exposure while also allowing you to see your child from up above. I’m one of those parents who likes to see my kid all the time, so this prevents me from stopping to check on her every five minutes. Lastly, there are a handful of storage pockets and one bottom compartment for holding all your stuff. Yes! Thanks for making life easier! All parents know how much stuff we tote around every day.


The stroller has a pivoting front wheel allowing easy turn access while walking or running errands, and it can also be locked into place while running or jogging. The other day I used this stroller while jogging to and from different stores. It held up well to curbs, cracks in the sidewalk, and random patches of grass and gravel. It sometimes felt a little bumpy, but my daughter didn’t seem to mind. She actually fell asleep amidst all the movement. Another thing to note is the brake—make sure it’s on if you stop! The stroller seemed to keep moving unless we pressed down on the permanent foot brake. It also comes with a hand brake for slowing down more gently.

The carrier fits snugly and fastens like a car seat. This stroller is recommended for babies 6 months or older because proper head control is needed for their safety. My daughter thoroughly enjoys riding around in this stroller and usually will nap in it, too. We typically use this stroller on paved surfaces in parks, but it is friendly to all types of terrain, which is great for training moms and dads! This stroller is able to carry up to 75 pounds (which includes whatever you choose to store in the bottom compartment). That’s quite a few years of running with baby!

Keep in mind a few things when caring for the Thule Urban Glide in order to keep it in tiptop shape for as long as possible. Maintenance includes drying all wet parts before storing to prevent mold and bacteria growth, only cleaning parts with a mild soap and warm water (refrain from using harsh cleaners of any kind—something I would have done had I not read the manual), and applying grease to the wheels and all exposed moving parts when needed.


I think the price of this stroller is reasonable if you desire something for performance as well as everyday use. This particular stroller does not come with additional accessories such as a cup holder, rain shield, etc., but all accessories can be purchased online. This stroller holds one child at a time and does not have the ability to add an additional sling seat. However, a car seat adaptor can be purchased to allow your car seat to be used with the stroller base if your baby is too young to be placed in the regular seat. You can check your fitting compatibility here.

I would recommend it to friends with a fairly active lifestyle to get the full effect of this awesome stroller. People describe it as “very runnable,” and I have to agree! It felt so great to use a quality performance piece outside with my family. It allows us to get a little exercise and vitamin D together, which is such a gift. We are very happy being the owners of the Thule Urban Glide, and I look forward to incorporating it into my daily routine and helping motivate me to get up and get moving with baby in tow!

Price: $375
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By Lauren

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