Silver Cross Wave Stroller Review

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When we finished setting up the Silver Cross Wave, my husband smiled, looked at me and said, “Our baby better not get used to this level of comfort and style because we don’t drive a Rolls.” The Wave is the luxury ride of the stroller set. It comes with a higher price tag, but my husband and I agree that it’s worth the investment because it comes fully loaded with features and accessories that you’d normally have to purchase separately. And the best part: It can even carry two tots all within the sleek frame of a single stroller.

Unboxing and Assembling the Wave Stroller

Let’s start at the beginning: The Wave arrived in two boxes—one for the chassis and one for the bassinet and stroller seat. That’s right, you get both. With a 2-year-old and a newbie, we could use this for both kiddos without any additional purchases. Score! We also received a third box with the tandem stroller seat (sold separately) for when our youngest gets a bit bigger. We opened the boxes and made sure all of the pieces were accounted for. There are quite a few to keep track of, but don’t let that overwhelm you. A good number of them are accessories to outfit your baby’s ride, like a cup holder and fabric kits/bunting for both the bassinet and stroller seat as well as rain covers and mosquito nets for both. (See what I mean? You really do get everything you could possibly need!)

There wasn’t much to do in terms of assembly. We went step by step through the manual, which was very clear and easy to follow. In fact, the first few steps to set up the bassinet were already done, so there was even less to do. After attaching the wheels and cup holder for mom—or dad—the chassis was ready to roll. It took about 20 minutes or so for us to get the bassinet and seat unit in order. You’ll need to attach the bumper bar, which like the handle bar is made of vegan leather. It also can click in one side at a time (on the bassinet or seat), so you don’t have to detach it completely to get total access to your petite passenger. And instead of swinging outward, it pivots and hangs down out of the way. My husband was, for some reason, very interested in this feature because it moved so easily in any direction. That was what made him say, “This is how you know it’s well-made. Look at that attention to detail.” He was totally geeking out.

Silver Cross Wave Stroller Features

Speaking of the handlebar, it extends outward with five different height settings. We use it on the second setting (for reference, I am 5’6” and my husband is 5’9”), and there is still plenty of room to grow. So if you’re tall, you should have no problem comfortably pushing this set of wheels.
Both the seat and bassinet also come with their own respective canopies. Each has three different levels of coverage. The Wave bassinet has a zip open mesh window for ventilation. The stroller seat canopy has the same feature as well as a clear peekaboo window. (If you’re wondering why the bassinet doesn’t have that it’s because it always faces the parent, so there’s no need for it.) Both have a pop-out sunshade that neatly tucks back under the canopy. I should also mention that the fabrics, from the canopy to the seat liner to the bunting are premium quality. They are easy to spot clean but can be washed if needed. Just don’t toss them in the dryer.

Now that we’ve chatted about what the bassinet and seat have in common, let’s cover what sets them apart. Obviously, the bassinet is like a baby carriage for newbies who can’t yet roll over or sit up. It is thermal-molded and gives younger babes a safe space to lie back. It comes with a natural bamboo fabric lining that is incredibly soft to touch. The base also has two airflow vents—one at the head and one at the feet—that you can open or close to help keep things cool in the summer or warm in the winter. You can even use it as an overnight sleeping space for your little one, which comes in handy when we pop by the grandparents’ house for a visit or even when traveling. Hooray for one less piece of gear to pack along!

The reversible seat features a five-point harness. You will have to rethread it adjust the height of the shoulder straps (there are three options to choose from), but the process is quick and painless. The foot rest also can be adjusted to suit your tot’s comfort. And speaking of comfort, this seat has three recline positions for napping on the run, and the plush seat pad is unbelievably cozy. (We thought it was comfortable without it, but then we added it and were blown away. Our 2-year-old’s bum isn’t going to have any complaints.)

Now to the real magic … Not only can you use either the main seat or the bassinet when you’re riding solo, but you can also use them together for two kiddos with a combined weight of up to 100 pounds. Wow! All you have to do to transform this single into a double is flip up the clips where the seat or bassinet attach. Silver Cross calls this changing it from primary to secondary position. Basically you’re raising the height of the top seat to make room for the bassinet down below. You click in the seat as you normally would, and you attach the bassinet using tandem connectors that clip to the front of the stroller frame. (Again, all of these extra adaptors and parts are included!) And voila! You are ready to hit the sidewalk with two in tow.

Silver Cross Wave Stroller Configurations

The Wave is a baby gear wonder because it can be configured in up to 16 different setups if you also have a tandem seat, a compatible infant car seat (we have the Nuna PIPA, which works seamlessly with this stroller travel system) and/or you purchase the add-on bassinet car seat adapters that allow you to use the bassinet in the high versus low position. But even without spending another cent, you can push two kids in style.

Other compatible car seats include: Pipa Lite LX, Maxi-Cosi Mico 30, Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 and CYBEX Aton Q. And, attention parents of twins! You can even push two car seats at once with the tandem car seat adapters, sold separately.

Underneath all the awe-inspiring, seat-shifting magic, you’ll find a generously sized storage basket. It has plenty of extra space even after tossing in our diaper bag, which with two in diapers is a no easy feat. The base of the basket is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting ruined on rainy days. And it holds a hefty 33 pounds. (Our previous stroller had a weight capacity of just 10!)

I guess we’ll keep working our way down. The tires are puncture-proof and durable—clearly built to last. They are well sized to handle curbs and terrain of all kinds. I also love the fact that they’re all black. Actually I love almost everything about the look of the Wave stroller. It’s sophisticated, but not in a flashy way. It’s just a good, well-made stroller, and that is clear even from a cursory glance. The only thing I am not head over heels with is the color of the leather details. We have the midnight blue style, which comes with darker, more chocolate brown vegan leather accents. Two of the other stroller styles (sable and granite) come with a lighter saddle colored leather, which I think looks much nicer. The dark brown also blends in a lot with the black parts of the stroller, so it doesn’t stand out as much as the lighter option does. It’s purely my preferred aesthetic and has nothing to do with function, but that would be something I’d change if I could.

The only other complaint I’d have to file is the fold. It’s fairly easy to collapse. Just hold down the button on the right side, slip your fingers into the loops on the side bars and pull your hands toward you as you push downward. But it does require two hands and a bit of coordination. (To be fair my husband has no issue with this. So maybe my hands are a bit small?) And, more importantly, once it is folded it takes up a sizable amount of space compared to other strollers we’ve used. This is especially true if the seat remains on, but it’s not exactly compact with the seat off. The folded Wave would fit in the trunk of my hatchback, but there wouldn’t be room for much else. To fit in the trunk of my husband’s car, we have to remove the seat; otherwise it is too tall. (The bassinet must always be removed before folding.) It’s also a heftier load to pick up. Granted, it’s understandable that the frame would need to be sturdy, which also translates to a heavier weight, in order to support two kids. If you compare it to double strollers, it’s not overly large or cumbersome, but it isn’t nearly as slim and light as some single strollers on the market. Just something to keep in mind if space is a top priority for you.

But for us the Wave’s many, many perks outshine a not-so compact fold. This stroller is a thing of beauty, and—as my husband pointed out—it is supremely well made down to the tiniest details of bumper bar attachment. I know that this stunning set of wheels will carry our family through the stroller years with comfort and style to spare.

Price: $1,299 – $1,399

By Vanessa