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The Rambler is the newest addition to BOB’s fleet of jogging strollers, and there are a few key features that set it apart from its siblings. Here are the top 10 things to know about this around-town ride.

1. It’s the most compact jogger BOB offers. Its 12-inch wheels are smaller than on other models, which makes for easier navigation through the farmers market and a quicker fit into your trunk.

2. Even at a slighter size, however, the air-filled tires are well-equipped for runs around the neighborhood, including taking on bumps and curbs. The adjustable mountain-bike-style suspension system, which offers up to 3 inches of travel, also helps smooth out the ride.

3. One more thing about the wheels (I know): The front wheel can swivel or lock (and the adjustment is a cinch), so you can jog to your favorite bakery with it locked, and then switch to swivel mode to get in the door and around the narrow corridor inside. (Ahem, not that I’d ever run to a bakery.)

4. The seat is spacious (a good thing, consider the max capacity is 75 pounds!) and sits fully upright with a drawstring recline. (You can recline the seat one-handed, but you’ll need two hands to return it to an upright position.) It’s well-padded, well-ventilated and boasts an easy-to-use five-point harness.

5. The handlebar is not adjustable. (Really, the only bummer I found with the Rambler!) At 5’5”, it’s a fairly comfortable height for me, but I could see someone significantly taller or shorter benefiting from adjustability. There’s also no handbrake, but there is a wrist strap as an extra safety measure.

6. Folding the stroller takes two steps and two hands but is easy-peasy. I love that there’s a buckle attached to the wrist strap and lower part of the stroller to secure it in the folded position. There’s also a nice rubber handle to grasp when carrying it. A really thoughtful and useful detail! (I live in a third-floor walk-up, so believe me when I say I appreciate this feature.) Unfolding the stroller is one-hand, one-step job.

7. The canopy, like all BOB canopies, is huge. It offers almost complete coverage and UPF 50+ protection, so even if you’re running at sunrise, your companion is covered, literally.

8. There’s also a peekaboo window on the canopy, which I love because I’m a nut about checking in on my little one. The best part is that there’s an envelope pocket that the fabric flap can be tucked into, so the window is constantly “open” if you will. (Obviously this is how I have it 90 percent of the time, ha!)

9. The undercarriage basket is not huge, but certainly adequate. It fits a small diaper bag, a park blanket, or, in our case, a bag full of Lululemon returns.

10. The Rambler comes in at a lower price point than the other BOB models, an obvious plus when there are endless diapers to buy. We’ve been super pleased with the Rambler and think it’s an incredible value given the quality of the stroller and the fair price point. It’s been just the motivation we needed to get out and enjoy the springtime weather while whittling away at the last of those pregnancy pounds. Happily recommend!

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