Mima Moon 2G High Chair Review

Mima Moon 2G High Chair Review
By Published On: September 18th, 2021

My initial reaction to most baby essentials (i.e., highchairs, strollers and car seats) is disappointment. Maybe I’m wired differently, but the aesthetics of these everyday items are important to me. As a branding professional, I scrutinize and analyze image and first impression for a living, and I’ve discovered that it’s difficult for me to turn that off.

I know I can’t be the only one. Polka dots, safari cartoon animals, chevron … from seat pads to newborn loungers, the baby gear gods have decided these are the patterns of choice for our children. That’s OK, but it limits options for the minimalist parent. So, when presented with an opportunity to review the Mima Moon 2G chair (makers of the super cool Xari stroller) I was thrilled. Its stainless finish, clean lines and simple white and black color palette (there are a variety of other simple, muted color options) were what my wife and I had been looking for. But would the features and functionality in conjunction with its appearance justify the price tag?

Assembly and Features

Without a doubt, this snow white seating solution is a luxury addition to any baby registry. Every piece (and there aren’t many of them—a plus) feels substantial, high quality and safe. There were no corners cut on material choices. Assembly of this high chair seat is a breeze, as I had it out of the box and fully fashioned in less than five minutes. The manual is short and sweet as well, providing you with only the essential information required to get you up and running (or in this case, sitting).

Something to factor in when considering cost is that the chair is loaded with features. Easy height adjustment aluminum frame and the multi-angle seat with footrest (it goes from sitting up straight to a laid-back position) make the chair extremely versatile and comfortable for children. This seat recline system could possibly eliminate the need for other items (like a bouncer, for example) to rest your child in throughout the day. It can be used to allow a newborn to be safely nearby at multiple heights, such as a breakfast bar, thanks to a 5-point safety harness and safety bar. The accompanying booster seat provides an option for the child to begin using the highchair quickly for its standard function.

Eliminating the booster seat allows the child to use the highchair for several more years. Then even beyond that, when most highchairs have served their purpose, you can detach the entire seat, leaving you with a bubble junior chair that your growing toddler can enjoy for years to come.

Test Run

During the initial experience with my 8-month-old, we were able to apply the aforementioned features to daily use. She enjoyed lunch in the chair using the booster seat, and she seemed comfortable and content. Like most highchairs, though, it could only catch so much of the tossed food. Following the standard food fight, we then placed the chair at a slight incline, allowing her to lie back comfortably and hold her own bottle. Using the height adjustment feature (which has a pneumatic cylinder and provides a feeling of wizardry), we were able to place her alongside the couch at a height convenient for us to see her and vice versa. In her review, our little lady gave the Mima Moon 2G six claps and what I deciphered to be a “bye bye” wave. Wipe down and clean up went quickly; there is no fabric to absorb messes, making maintenance of the chair a non-issue.

Overall, the Mima Moon is a functional, versatile and high-quality chair. The price tag is high, but when considering $200-$300 alternatives, keep in mind that many do not possess the number of features or length of usage of the Moon. Having an item that will grow with your child allows you to offset the costs of purchasing additional items along the way. The Mima Moon is definitely a case of a buyer “getting what they pay for,” and I strongly recommend it. On the scale created by my wee one, I give the Mima Moon 9 out of 10 claps!

Price: $600
To buy: Amazon