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Bloom Nano Highchair Review, Pregnancy & Newborn
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The Bloom Nano highchair has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to cleaning up after mealtime! My daughter just turned 2 years old, and while we work hard to keep meals from ending up everywhere except for her little mouth, it seems inevitable that food gets lodged in creases and crevices that make it nearly impossible to clean—but not anymore!

The super-sized adjustable feeding tray on the nano is wonderful for all mealtime essentials to stay in place. The deep lip surrounding the tray helps keep dishes and silverware from sliding onto the floor and spills at bay for easy clean up … which is perfect since I am about 38 weeks pregnant with baby No. 2, and cleaning things up off of the floor is less then desirable these days.

The leatherette seat is extremely roomy and large. And it must be very comfy because the first time my daughter sat in the highchair seat she laid her head to the side and acted as if she would take a quick nap. The seat is well padded on the top and sides with a durable foam material. The foam is then covered with a removable leatherette material that wraps around the seat and is secured with a zipper. It does not have many seams, which is another factor that helps keep cleanup simple—always a plus for a mama of a toddler and soon-to-be newborn!

The 5-point padded safety harness is easily adjusted to fit a growing child from ages 6 months to 3 years old. This large age span will be perfect to transition my daughter out of the highchair and baby No.2 into it. The footrest has two positions, keeping growing babes comfortable. My daughter actually requests to sit in the nano highchair and snuggles in like it is her own special seat.

Before becoming a full-time mama, I was a preschool teacher and learned the importance of functional spaces and products. While I am first and foremost looking for products that serve functional purposes, let’s face it, this mama still likes for her home to be fun and inviting and not look like it is drowning in baby gear. The Bloom Nano highchair has a very urban feel to it with sleek, minimalistic lines and a large selection of modern color choices. I have the red and white color combo, and it fits perfectly in my retro style kitchen. It is definitely as asset to my kitchen and not an eyesore.

Family style dining is very important to me. From the moment my daughter was born, I was focused on having her be a part of our family mealtimes. The nano highchair tray pulls right up to our kitchen table and allows my daughter the opportunity to join in on family meals. Although I love the height and “up-to-the-table” design of the tray, I must admit that the large size of the highchair makes things a little cramped at our small kitchen table.

I positioned the Bloom Nano highchair at the head of our rectangle table, and it was perfect except for the back leg design. The back legs of the highchair are very slim and curve outward, making the highchair extremely sturdy (especially for wiggly two year olds). However, on more than one occasion, my husband and I have tripped over the curved legs when not careful. Due to the smaller size of our eat-in-kitchen, this posed an issue, and we had to adjust our seating accordingly to accommodate the highchair design.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Bloom Nano highchair because it is simple and easy to clean with a very durable frame and comfortable seat. The tray is securely attached to the chair with two latches and offers three sliding positions to accommodate growing children. Although the tray requires two hands to remove, the super-size feature makes up for it! The highchair folds up easily with minimal effort and fits in compact spaces for storage. The size of the nano highchair is larger, and when out, it will take up a generous amount of space; however, the sleek and modern design lends to an appealing piece of furniture in your home.

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By Amanda