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Having just moved into a new house, I was in desperate need of quite a few babyproofing products. But I hated the idea of junking up such a nice new place with the typical eyesores found on the child safety aisle. That’s where Rhoost came in.

Rhoost is known for making stylish yet functional child safety products that are designed to blend in with your existing decor while creating a safe space for baby. The company currently offers four safety devices: cord winders, corner protectors, finger guards and safety outlet covers. Each product is BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and phthalate-free, which is a great bonus since almost everything finds its way into baby’s mouth at some point.

As soon as I took the products out of their packaging, I could see that these weren’t the typical plastic safety items, but since I wasn’t willing to trade safety for style, I was eager to see if these beauties actually worked:

Outlet cover: It appears to be your standard outlet cover at first glance, but upon closer inspection, I noticed one essential difference: The patented groove-key removal system. In layman’s terms, the outlet cover features two little notches on the outer edges (where you’d grip it with your fingers) to make it easier for parents to remove the covers to get to an outlet—all while still ensuring that they are impossible for a baby to pull out.  (For me, this translated to no more messing up mama’s manicure while keeping baby safe! Yay!) The covers come in a pack of 12 for $8 and are 100 percent recyclable when you’re done with them. How smart!

Corner protector: This was probably the trickiest of the four to install, partly because the others are super easy and take mere seconds. Because it’s a table corner protector, I only plan on installing it once, so I didn’t view this as a big drawback. Made from a soft, rubber-like material, I felt confident that it wouldn’t scratch my wooden table (and I was right!). Instead of using screws or adhesive, the corner protector uses a hook system that can be adjusted to fit most any size table (between 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ in thickness). Once I had the protector in place, it stayed secured to the table corner even when grasped by tiny hands. In my experience, many table corner protectors can be pretty easily pried off if your tot is determined enough, so I was relieved to see that this one stayed put. It comes in a pack of four for $15. Choose from black, brown or white to match your furniture. And it’s also recyclable!

Finger guard: This is also made from a soft, rubber-like material, which made me feel confident that I would not scratch up my door or doorframe. The streamlined design makes it blend right in with our home, so you don’t even notice it’s there … unless you try to close the door. The finger guard hook right over the door hinge to prevent tiny fingers from getting pinched or closed on. We use ours on the top hinge, so our little one won’t be able to pull it off as he becomes more mobile—because it really is that easy to install and remove. Just hang it on, and you’re done. Easy peasy. We have them on all of our interior doors (so basically every bedroom and bathroom) because it’s so hassle-free to take it off and pop it back on if we ever do need to close a door. They are available in packs of two for $11 and come in black or white.

Cord winder: Once again you won’t need any tools or adhesives to install this handy helper. All you have to do is wind up your blind cord and tuck the tail end of it into the small slit on the side to keep it from unraveling. Our nursery has lots of windows, which is great for light during the day, but we like to keep the blinds closed in the evening (or naptimes!) for privacy. So, it was really important that we find a solution to keep cords out of reach because they can be a strangulation hazard for little ones. It fits all blinds and can also be tossed in with your recycling when you no longer have a need for them. They’re sold in packs of two for $9.

Once I had the Rhoost products installed in my new house, I barely even noticed they were there! Having a more stylish baby-proofing option was a nice way to get settled without compromising on the safety factor.

Price: from $8
To buy: rhoost.com

By Meredith