OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin

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Now that my daughter is sitting up well on her own, we’ve transitioned from sink baths to the actual tub. She has a ball in there with all of the space to splash and play. We’ve started accumulating quite the collection of bath toys for that very reason. At first it was one or two, so we’d just keep the piled up in the corner, but bathtime is so much fun (for us, too!)—so we just can’t resist! The problem, however, came when we realized we were (a) running out of space on the ledge of the tub and (b) some of the toys weren’t fully dry, which leads this neatnik mom to worry about mildew.

So, we found ourselves on the hunt for a storage solution, and the OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin solved all of our problems in one swoop. And I mean that quite literally because the bin has a clever handle and drainage holes, so you can use it to physically scoop all of the toys out of the bath. This one function gives me so much joy. Never again will I have to spend more than a second or two bent over clearing the bath water of playthings. My back is so relieved!

Once you’ve collected the toys you can attach the bin to a plate that’s secured to the wall of the shower. This allows everything to drip dry right there in the bath, and it’s stowed away until you’re ready to play again. The drainage holes are pretty large so things dry quickly, leaving my mildew worries at bay, but not so large that things fall through them.

The bin also stands on its own, so if you didn’t want to adhere the plate to your bathroom wall, you could stand it in the tub and accomplish the same thing.

We have the blue option, but it also comes in teal.

Price: $15

To buy: oxo.com

By Vanessa