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When I was compiling my registry for my very first baby my mom friends told me again and again not to forget the little things. Yes, toys are cute, but a thermometer is essential, especially if you suspect your babe has spiked a fever in the middle of the night. I never thought I’d be excited by things like a nasal aspirator or fingernail clippers, but I was genuinely happy when I found Boon CARE. This handy kit contains everything you might need to keep your wee one in tip-top shape. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it looks modern and simple.)

So, let’s break it down. In this six-piece set you’ll find a thermometer, silicone starter toothbrush, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, medicine spoon and cradle cap brush. My baby is 6 months old now, and we have used every item in this kit—some on a regular basis …

-Thermometer: It might look streamlined, but this clever gadget can tell you the temperature of your baby, the bath water or the room (just change the setting on the left side). It is quick—think 8 seconds—and has a flexible tip, which makes it more comfortable for your little one, whether you use it orally, rectally or underarm. We use it rectally because our pediatrician advised that that would give the most accurate temperature for an infant. (My husband was very glad our son has his own thermometer for this very reason. Ha!)

I love that the display screen will light up green or red to let you know if you’re in the fever range. However, it does stray toward being overcautious. For example, 99.7 might be a fever for a child, but our doc says a fever in an infant is anything over 100.4. Keep that in mind, and don’t fret if you see red. Baby might not have a fever, but it is nice to have the warning that you may want to keep an eye on things. Speaking of, when my son has been sick and I’m tracking his temperature, it really helps that the thermometer remembers the last reading and flashes it on the screen when you turn it on. So, you get a quick reminder that you can compare to the next reading to know if the fever is rising or going down. Other things I love: It comes with a snap on storage case to keep the tip clean and ready for use, and it automatically shuts off to preserve the battery because I’m sure I’d forget when I’m getting the diaper back on and worried about my sick sweetie.

-Nail clippers: The best thing about these is how easy the large handle is to grip, which is key when your other hand is trying to hold a squirmy hand or foot. It also has a good flexibility to it, so it doesn’t take a lot of pressure—but also isn’t so easy that you might trim before you’re ready. The blade size and depth is made for baby nails, which means you can stress less about accidentally nicking their delicate skin.

-Cradle cap brush: My baby boy had a bad case of dry skin on his scalp during his first couple months. It was never full blown cradle cap with the yellow scales, but his scalp was just constantly peeling. I tried using a washcloth, but it was this brush that finally kicked the dry skin to the curb. It is great for newborns because the bristles are incredibly soft while also being efficient at sloughing off dead skin. It’s like a gentle head massage. My son loved the feeling! And the center hole gives you a better view of where your brushing. Cleaning wise, you can toss the brush right in the dishwasher!

-Nasal aspirator: Using your mouth to suck out snot from baby’s nose completely grosses out some of my mom friends (and I get it), but I find it so gratifying that I can see all the yucky stuff and know it’s working. Plus, using your mouth means you are in total control of the suction, so it won’t be too strong. The cool thing about this aspirator compared to others I’ve used is that you don’t need to spend money buying a certain kind of filter. Instead you can just pop in a cotton ball or a piece of tissue. I was immediately sold because we were flying through filters (they’re a use once and toss product) when my son started daycare and had cold after cold, so the cost was starting to add up. There’s a soft silicone tip that’s comfy for mini noses, and the whole things comes apart for easy (and thorough!) cleaning.

-Medicine spoon: I wish I could say that we hadn’t used this, but after a scary high fever and a trip to the emergency room, my sweet boy was on a round of antibiotics. The syringe part fits most bottles (we didn’t have any issues), and it’s very clearly labeled in both milliliters and teaspoons. Once you fill it with medicine, you can add the silicone spoon attachment to “feed” it to your babe bit by bit. My son was still pretty young when we used it, and he wasn’t familiar with spoons yet. So, we just used the syringe to squirt the medicine into the side of his cheek a little at a time. But now that we’ve started solid foods, I can see how helpful the spoon add-on would be. Fingers crossed I won’t have to use it anytime soon, though.

-Silicone toothbrush: This is the item we’ve used the least because my bub hasn’t sprouted any teeth yet. But we have tried it out on occasion after bedtime feedings because the other end has a slit made for slipping gauze or a clean piece of cloth to wipe down gums. How smart! I like that the brush portion is soft, so I know it will be very gentle on tiny gums, which are surely sensitive when the teething stage hits. The toothbrush is also dishwasher safe.

As you can see, every item in this kit is worth having on hand. Everything has been thoughtfully designed to make it easy for parents to use and as comfy as possible for little ones. When you’re not using them (or if you’re traveling) the whole set comes with a zippered pouch that you can stow them all in.

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