Stroller. It’s no surprise that a set of wheels is pretty darn handy when it comes to resuming normal life as a party of two. Picking a stroller that’s both functional and versatile will provide optimal use for longer. This sleek ride has a compact frame with a full-sized seat. It smoothly navigates busy streets or choppy sidewalks with ease. The best part: It can be converted into a double stroller when you add a second seat, so there’s no need to buy new when you have two in tow.

Image: Courtesy of Whitney Lichfield and phil&teds

Car seat. A reliable seat for safely transporting your newbie from A to Z is a must. We are fond of infant car seats because they are specially designed for ultimate defense. A car seat with a latch base will give you peace of mind with installation and often times allows the carrier to be used as part of a travel system. We love this one for it’s lightweight frame that packs serious protection with high sides and thick EPS foam.

Bassinet. During the early months, sharing a room (not a bed) is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for sleep safety. A mobile bassinet is a great investment because it can be used for nighttime, naptime, in the bedroom or in another part of the house. This portable pick is ultra-light and situated higher than average travel-friendly units, so baby is always in the best position higher up next to mom or dad—no matter your destination.

Image: Courtesy of Christine Elizabeth

Carrier. When quarters are too tight for a pushchair or you need to do two things at once (aka motherhood), enlist the help of a carrier to keep your baby close and your hands free. A backpack option is great for comfort and support, giving you stability you can count on no matter the activity. What’s great is a backpack carrier can also fit into the overhead cabinet of an airplane or be quickly stored in a trunk for everyday travel.

Highchair. Although this isn’t an immediate need with a newborn, it’s great to have one on hand. (You never know how quickly baby will be ready for solids or if he will enjoy sitting at the table with you, too!) If you’re short on real estate, a clip-on highchair is a lifesaver. Our favorite seat in the house attaches to the table, a kitchen island or any extended, sturdy surface. (We like using it while dining out in lieu of standard restaurant highchairs.) This will be a purchase you appreciate over and over again.

This post was made in partnership with phil & teds, a quality line of baby gear parents know and trust.