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Unenthused by the majority of the diaper bags on the market (most either look, understandably, like diaper bags or closely resemble handbags, which my husband is not especially keen on), we were thrilled to put the Storq Carryall through its paces. The all black pack is streamlined, lightweight and understated but still packs a punch when it comes to features. Let’s cover our favorites in list form, shall we?

1. The size is just right. At 15″ h x 11″ w x 5″ d, there’s enough room for anything you actually need—diapers, wipes, pacifier, bottle, snack container, swaddle blanket—but not enough room for anything you don’t. (Because if there is extra space, you and I both know you will fill it.) Even when it’s at capacity, the Carryall is not hulking or cumbersome, and it’s helped us learn to pack smarter, not more.The main compartment unzips all the way (from the bottom of the right side up and over to the bottom of the left side), so you can easily get to everything you need.

2. It’s made in the USA, which always makes me feel good.

storq-23. The pocket situation is under control. And by that I mean that it doesn’t have a bajillion pockets that sound great in theory but that actually do nothing more than ensure you have to feel your way around 85 percent of them before you actually find what you’re looking for because there are too many places to stash stuff and your mom brain can’t remember what went where. Inside there are two elasticized bottle pockets, one larger elasticized pocket (for that swaddle blanket or spare outfit), a medium-sized zippered pocket (that’s where I like to keep my keys, wallet and lip balm) and an attachable pouch (for stowing diapers and wipes). Outside there’s a magnetic front pocket with a divider. In our family, the right side houses mom’s or dad’s cellphone and the left side is charged with paci duty.

4. The bag is made from 100 percent cotton water-repellant canvas, so it’s up for dealing with the elements. There’s nothing too precious about it, so you don’t have to worry about it getting scuffed or dirty. It wears well and rocks that broken-in, had-it-for-years look. Also, all the hardware is metal, so it won’t give you any trouble. (No chintzy plastic in sight.)

5. It can be carried as a backpack (obviously), which we love because it is a million times easier than trying to keep a tote over your shoulder, or the top two handles can snap together allowing you to cart it like a briefcase, a handy option we’ve made use of on several occasions.

6. My husband will happily carry it. I’ve kind of already mentioned that, but it’s worth repeating. Literally sharing the load is everything, you guys.

Storq has a line in its About Us section that I love: “We design pieces that look and feel like what you would normally use and wear, because dammit, you are a human being and having kids does not make you a different person.” I couldn’t agree more, and the Carryall totally lives up to the promise.

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