Wildbird Ring Sling Review

wildbird ring sling review
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My daughter is now 5 months old, and I have been using a baby wrap since she was a few weeks. I love wearing my baby, both for the closeness and the convenience it provides. I have used multiple baby wrap carriers and wraps out there but was a little wary of sling baby products. To me, slings never looked secure enough to carry newborns, and I worried about my squirmy daughter slipping right through a sling.

Then, I tried the Wildbird Ring Sling and all of my fears flew right out of the window.

The Wildbird Ring Sling was developed by a new mama who wanted a quick, easy, and stylish sling. She definitely succeeded with the Wildbird. It took a few tries for me (and my little one) to get the hang of the Wildbird sling, but with a little practice, it quickly became a favorite in our family.

Designed to carry your little one from the newborn to toddler stage (up to 35 pounds), the Wildbird Ring Sling is definitely quick and easy.

Wearing the Wildbird Ring Sling

Unlike some structured carriers, I did not need pages and pages of diagrams to get the Wildbird on my body. Wildbird’s website provides three easy-to-follow video tutorials, each demonstrating one of the three ways to wear your little one. Best of all, there is no complicated wrapping and no need for yoga-like contortion to get Velcro and buckles adjusted. You simply thread the fabric through the rings, add your baby and pull to tighten. After watching the quick tutorial and a couple of practice attempts, the Wildbird sling quickly became the easiest carrier we own. I also love that I can use the extra length (the “tail”) of the Wildbird sling to wrap around the rings, leave hanging or cover up while breastfeeding.

The Wildbird can be used for a traditional tummy to tummy carry, a hip carry, or a kangaroo, outward-facing carry. This sling has turned into my go-to carrier. I cannot emphasize enough how quick and simple it is to get the Wildbird on and get my daughter into the sling.

Babywearing Style

In addition to being easy and convenient to use, the Wildbird looks great as well. The sling is made in Utah from a single layer of 100 percent linen. The Wildbird is available in an array of colors and patterns. The linen feels strong and secure and is great in a variety of temperatures. Unlike some carriers, baby and mama stay quite comfortable for any length of time whether it is warm or cool outside. An added bonus to the linen construction is that no matter how long your little one is in the sling, the linen does not stretch out like some fabrics. As a result, your baby doesn’t get lower and lower in the sling and need constant readjusting. Even after a few hours in the Wildbird, my daughter was comfortable and secure at the perfect height.

I appreciate that the material is machine washable, and I would recommend washing before use. Our sling seemed a bit stiff upon arrival but was much more comfortable after an initial washing. Another thing we love is the Wildbird’s size. Because it’s made up of a long piece of linen fabric with two interlocking rings, the Wildbird ring sling conveniently folds up and fits inside my diaper bag or purse.

Wildbird’s ring sling is perfect for any mama who is interested in baby wearing and wants a simple, comfortable and stylish way to do so.

Price: $59.90

By Valerie

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