CYBEX Yema Baby Carrier Review

By Published On: March 1st, 2017

Any product that makes day-to-day activities with your child easier is something I’m excited about. Baby wearing is one of those things that not only keeps your hands free but also helps calm a fussy baby. The CYBEX Yema is a combined traditional and wrap-style baby carrier with a high fashion twist. It comes in a few basic, solid colors like black, navy or grey as well as a few more daring picks such as embossed leather and a tropical bird print. CYBEX recommends the Yema be used for newborn babies up to 2 years of age or 7-26.5 pounds. This carrier allows for three different carrying positions: front carry from birth, hip carry starting around 3 months, and back carry starting around 6 months.

Wearing the Yema

The first step to prepare to wear the carrier will be to adjust the strap for the age of the baby. Once this is complete, it’s as simple as clipping the strap around your waist, tightening, then loading the baby in and wrapping the ties around your back as directed in the manual for the position you will be carrying. The manual was straightforward with clear images demonstrating how to adjust the size and wear your child in the three optional positions. I especially like the images that showed you what not to do marked clearly with an X. Like other wrap carriers I’ve used, after a few uses it becomes second nature to put on and take off.

My husband and I found it very easy to quickly adjust the size back and forth. The remainder of the carrier is attached with a tie, making it more like a traditional wrap carrier. I was easily able to use it the first time without the help of another adult. (Although it probably helped that I’d watched the video a few times and looked at the pictures in the manual before I attempted to load in my baby.) Once in, we were set to go.

My 2-month-old baby is about 12 pounds, and her weight felt very evenly distributed while in the carrier. I wore her for a long walk while pushing my toddler in a stroller and never felt my body become tired. I was able to lift my toddler in and out of the stroller and bend down to the ground to help without any problem. My baby was sound asleep through the whole process, so she must have been comfortable. The straps over my shoulders and at my waist had great padding making the carrier very comfortable. However, because of the amount of padding, it was definitely a warmer carrier than others I have tried. I don’t think I’ll want to use this on a hot and humid summer day.

Storage and Care

The carrier is a little too bulky to fit into my diaper bag. It is easy enough to throw under the stroller if you don’t want to wear it, or have it in the car to put on when you arrive to your destination. Cybex suggests washing the carrier by hand in lukewarm water and hanging on the line to dry. The only thing I found this carrier to be missing was a pocket to put phone/keys somewhere when out on a walk. This carrier is definitely on the more expensive side running about $20 more than the Ergo 360, but I chalk up the high price point to the more fashionable appearance.

On the Go

Since I use my carrier mostly when out and about with my toddler and infant, I need to make sure a carrier is easy to throw my baby into when I run into a store. I like the quick waist strap that clips in, and it only takes a minute to tie the wrap at the top. The Yema waist band and straps seem to allow for a variety of sizes to easily adjust the carrier to fit their body comfortably.

If money isn’t a factor and you want a more fashionable, sleek design that you can use from birth-2 years with the option of carrying in a variety of positions, then this is a great carrier. Read more about what the carrier has to offer here.

Price: $200-$290, depending on style

By Adrienne

Images: Courtesy of featured brands