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Bath tubs. How different can they be? All you really need is a small bin to fill for your baby to sit in, right?  I never knew what I was missing from an infant tub until I used the Béaba Ultra Compact Fabric Bath.

As you’d expect from an infant tub, set up was a breeze. It has two legs with anti-slip feet on either end that easily fold out until you hear a click. There is a clear line marked on the fabric so you know how far to fill with water.  The tub also comes with a nifty little slot on the side which holds the shower head for more convenient filling or for rinsing baby during bath time. We had the tub out of the packaging, fully set up and filled with baby in bath in under 5 minutes. I would call that clear instruction and easy set up.

As the name of the tub implies, this is a fabric basin infant tub. The fabric dries quickly and is mold-resistant—so no more tough cracks around the tub where soap residue or even mold can flourish. Furthermore, the fabric conforms to your baby’s body and isn’t hard or cold upon contact.We have a 7-month-old who up until now has been indifferent to the bath routine. From the first use of the Ultra Compact Fabric bath she has become a bath lover. She splashes, she plays, and she giggles up a storm. Even better, after we are done, all I need to do is press a button on one side to lower the legs and the water pours out. After it’s dry, I fold in the other legs, and it fits behind a door or in a closet out of the way.

My favorite feature of this tub is definitely the clean look along with the ability for it to collapse for easy storage. No more big plastic (moldy!) tub taking up room in our bathroom!The suggested age range is 0-12 months old. With a retail price of $100, the Béaba Ultra Compact Fabric Bath is definitely more expensive than many other infant tub options.  However, if you want your child to love the tub as much as you do, then this is the one for you. You can see the Béaba Ultra Compact Fabric Bath in action here.

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By Adrienne